Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ten Thursdeay Thoughts

Here we go with thoughts on a Thursday!

1.  I have a bad habit of leaving my car in drive when I park my car. The only reason I know this is because when I go to crank up the car, nothing happens. Thank goodness for the emergency parking brake is on. Car won't move with that on.

2.  This weather is disturbing me deeply. I am a little lost with this hot one week, cold the next week.

3.  I need a better AC system for my house. Mine feels like it's about to go out. I am NOT trying to deal with a hot house.

4.  I cut grass this weekend. I have a yard full of dandelion weeds.

Here's a picture I stopped to take in the midst of cutting the yard. 

How 'bout I cut that on Saturday, and the little flowers are already growing back. SIGH.

5.  My boss said use some Week and Feed on the lawn. I am afraid it may be too late for that, as it is getting hot outside and it can burn up the yard.. I will try it out in  the backyard, though. Lot's of shade back there.

6. I was feeling so good that I even cut back some tree limbs in the backyard. I don't have a picture of it, but the limbs would have covered the handle of the lawn mower above.

But look how green the grass is, though. Beautiful!! 

7. Back to the  limbs.  Like I said, the limbs were so long that they covered the lawn mower handles in the above picture. I had to duck to to try to cut the grass. And Lord help me if a snake would have fallen on my head.

There were a lot of berries on that tree.

I thought about chewing on one and seeing how it tastes. But I thought better of it all, since those berries might be poisonous like the nightlock berries in The Hunger Games. I don't want any parts of that.

I entertained thoughts of taking one in the house and feeding it to Sister Callie Jo. Those were fleeting thoughts, though.

8. The "bricking up" of the streets continues:

Hmm...  They need to sweep or shine this street. It looks like they are still working on it.  It's a long street, and they are bricking it up as far as the eye can see.  In the distance, there's a UPS truck, and he was struggling over some of the unfinished parts. Bro, I know you have to deliver the packages, but don't tare up the truck in the process. Wow.

9.  I am almost done with all my paperwork. Boy oh boy, it has been such a doozie for the past 3 months. I am pretty much exhausted. Crunching data is NO joke. I have even been crunching data in my dreams. Sigh.

10. When I'm done, I WILL be taking a week off. Maybe two weeks.

Not sure much time I'm taking off, but I told my boss...

"I'ma get ya'll back for this..."

I sure am.  I am taking OFF. When I break,  I'm  BREAK  hard.

Really though.

That's it for my Ten Thursday thoughts!

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  1. Anonymous1:02:00 PM

    That's a mulberry tree. The berries are delicious. Taste is between a blackberry and a raspberry IMO. Though not as "seedy". Used to make jelly/jams and wines.

    My daughter and son-n-law have one in their yard. Me and the boys eat them straight from the tree. Be careful they can stain your fingers and clothes.


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