Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tales of the Beams

My cats love the beams that criss-cross my living room.

Not much time goes by (usually every few days) that I'm trying to leave for work and I'm trying to locate cats that one or both of them are laying up on the beams looking down at me.

They don't care if I'm about to be late to work. There is more of the attitude of...

We gonna lay here and be quiet and watch this fool run back and forth downstairs looking for us.


I just be trying to make sure neither one of them is all shut up in my bedroom all day without food, water, or the litter box. 

But something interesting happened the other day: there was a stand off on the beams. And it lasted some 15  minutes, both of them standing erect as statues, chests out and at attention.

I let this go on. It's usually them just trying to get around each other. But this time, Callie Jo was intentionally blocking Mitch's exit from the beams. And he wasn't happy about it. As a matter of fact, Mitch would reach out and take a swipe at Callie.

And she would block his paw with some awesome Karate kid wax-on-wax-off ninja moves.

I was laying on the sofa watching television... and watching them. This was interesting to watch for awhile, but I didn't want either of them to fall the 10 feet to the ground below. I was not interested in spending any amount of money getting any broken bones mended.

So I yelled at them.

"What the hell wrong with ya'll?  Ya'll better stop all that mess!"

They didn't scramble or jump in fear of my booming voice, but the look they gave me was CLASSIC.

That look says... What in the world are you yelling for?


Soon after my shouts, Callie left the beams, and Mitch followed close behind.

I'm not sure what they got into after that.

I was just glad any potential high-beam fights were thwarted.

Thank goodness for that.

This all makes me wonder what they get into when I'm not home...



  1. Girl... That look they gave you!! They walked off together because they were now talking about their crazy human. That was a subject that they could both agree upon... that you were indeed crazy. :)

  2. Anonymous3:10:00 PM

    I had such a good chuckle with that photo of the cats.


  3. Anonymous9:05:00 PM

    omg! Callie Jo got that, Bih, who you talking to look in that last pic.. Mary/LA


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