Thursday, September 01, 2016

Baby Shower Fun

Every once in a while we have a baby shower at work.

This year, there are TWO pregnant ladies in our group. And the first one due up is Ash!

I like Ash. But she use to check our paperwork. And when I would see her coming my way, I would automatically think... "Oh no, here comes Ash. I'm in trouble. She's gonna make me do everything over."

That was never the case. I'm just nervous like that.

And I wondered why she had on pink... She's having a boy.

I didn't bother her about it. She's a lady, and she can wear pink if she wants to!

Anyway, we had a baby shower for Ash!

And there was a fine spread of food.

Fresh fruit and veggies... I was eyeing that real hard.

We had plenty of snacky-snacks: pretzels, chips and dips, nachos and salsa.

And you can't have a party without fried chicken wings.
Those were some good wings. And they got those done that morning at the local grocery store before a brown-out downtown, so the grease fryers didn't work. (The construction workers are highly annoyed that there was no chicken available. Thank goodness they didn't see our tray of chicken).

We had some sliced sirloin steak and sliced chicken.
(Someone bought that at Sam's warehouse. I have to remember that for the next time we have a party, because it was good!)

Potato salad!
You can't have a summertime party without potato salad. Nope!

And we had some sherbet punch.
Now that was good. I watched it being made. They mixed together a bag of frozen mixed berries, a carton of frozen concentrated fruit juice, some rainbow sherbet, and a couple of liters of ginger ale.

 I had 2 or 3 cups of it.  That was some good stuff!

Check out the cake...

The cake was beautiful, and oh so good.

We played games. And there were some professional baby shower game players there, so, uh... let's just say I didn't win anything. Sigh.  But it was fun.  We were competing like we were trying to win the Olympics or something. Hilarious!

And Ash had gifts...

And of course, I made a baby blanket. When she said she was pregnant, I began the questionings.

"What are you having? A boy or a girl?"

I wanted to ask "What are you having, a boy or a girl? I need to know because I need to make a run to the Southside suburbs for some yarn and I kinda wanna get that done as soon as possible."

Couldn't say that, though. And she was taking too long. So I went with my trusty variegated yarn that could go for any sex.

And she liked it! 

So glad she did!

And here's the group gift...

Not sure what that is... It's very nice, though. Baby toys have come a long long way.

It was a fine time!  We need to do that once a week. 

(Oh no. That would mean a LOT of pregnant folk, tho... Yikes).

But it's always fun to get together and celebrate a new life entering the world.

Best of luck to Ash! And congrats on the upcoming birth of your new bundle or joy!

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