Friday, September 02, 2016

Friday Freestyles... The Thoughts Edition


And it's a great Friday.

It's a




You can't beat that right there! GLORY!

I didn't do any thoughts this week.  So I want to do some today.

1. It was GREAT to drive to work in very little traffic this morning. I think I made it to work in 7 minutes.

2. I'ma need ya'll to get ya'lls Uncle Donald Trump. He reminds me of that relative that gets lose from whoever is suppose to be watching him. He is embarrassing our country.  And this ish ain't funny no more.

3. I had too many leafy green vegetables today. I feel like I need something greasy now. Ugh.

4. We get to leave an hour early today for the holiday. YAY! *cartwheels*

5. Song of the week: All you need to do is hear the wind chimes, and you know what it is. 

However... I found out that little Michael Jackson remade the song for the "Ben" soundtrack. 

That had me all teary-eyed.


*full out nasty crying*


Those songs were made in 1972. That's 44 years ago. A much happier time it was.

Musically, that is.

Have a great and safe holiday weekend.

On purpose.

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