Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Freestyles... The GOOD Edition


And I have been GONE!

It was GOOD to be away from work for a hot minute. That's always great.

But it's GOOD to be back! 

I have been on work travel for the better part of the week. Too hard to post all week, as I had to concentrate on getting to conference meetings and back, etc...

But it was a good break.

I was in Palm Beach Florida.

It is BEAUTIFUL down there.

I only have one picture, tho...

And that's the only picture I have. I should've taken more pictures.

It was so nice down there. I keep hearing this asinine "Make our country great again"...

Well being down there, made me think something the whole time:  White folk KNOW they are living good. REAL GOOD/

(So what are ya'll whining about... sigh)

I'm trying to understand. But I don't get it... and this is the spiffy part of Florida. Isn't Mara Largo, Trumps resort home, down there.

Living GOOD.

I know I ate GOOD... One of my salads was really great. 
The shrimp were extra sweet down there, and the baby spring greens are extra fresh.

Good living.

My hotel was so nice that they have swans swimming in lagoons in the lobby.
I thought they were robotic swans when I first saw them. Nope, they were alive and very friendly.

Swans living GOOD.

But I will be back to my regular program next week.

You just wait and seeeeeee....

I have so much to talk about. I do.


  1. Cool.

    Wow. Clueless white folk. Smh.

    What is that Brown piece in your salad?

    1. Hey Shai... that is Chimichurri steak! Never had that before. It was good!

      I am LOST with this "Make America Great again". Palm beach was already great. Folks living GREAT!


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