Monday, November 21, 2016

Good Monday Morning

Shame on me for not posting.

I have been BUSY as all  get out. And when I'm not busy, I've been somewhere laid out.

I am trying to finish up a few things, as I am going to see my sister sometime in December.

(And yes, I am SUPER excited about that. I miss her much).

Needless to say, there is not much going on over here except working.

This is Thanksgiving week, which means it will be very quiet at work. I am happy for that. I have no plans, as I am only taking Thanksgiving day off. If I could work that day, I surely would. My friend the Green Eyed Bandit's Mama is in town, and I may go spend Thanksgiving day with them.

Because I know Mama Bandit is frying up some pork ribs for sure...


Forget the turkey. Fried ribs, man.

That's some 'itis AND a heart attack. My goodness.

I don't know if Mama Bandit is frying ribs or not. I just think of that when Green Eyed Bandit call and holler "My Mama is in town, so come on down."  She was in town earlier this year and I missed out. So I will get down there this Thanksgiving.

This week I spend time thinking about my year and what I am thankful for. I may post on that.

I know many of you are off this week. 

Be safe out there if you're traveling. And have a good week... on purpose.

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