Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My First Taste of Thanksgiving 2016


I got to work early  (2 hours earlier than usual). And I have a slight attitude. I am like a young child who has been awaken a bit too early in the morning. I am a little listless. I should be okay by noon. We will see.

I am awaiting my assistant to finish weighing some samples so I can get started for the day.  This will take her awhile, and I know I can be a bit mean about things getting done quickly, so I have decided to just go sit somewhere and be quiet.

So before that, I went downstairs to another department to pay for some raffle tickets, as there is a mighty fine spa basket up for grabs from our yearly fundraiser. Me being a tomboy... I am only interested in the spa socks. But my best friend LadyTee (pictured here on my front porch)  is a girly-girl, and would really love this basket. It would make a fine Christmas gift (after I pick out what I want from it, of course).

Anyway, I arrived downstairs, and Sister J, who preached a mighty fine sermon the other day in her office (I posted about that last week), offered up some homemade  sweet potato pie.

Now she'd mentioned this before out in the parking lot. I was a bit perturbed because she'd blown her horn at me. Apparently I'd been stopped too long at a stop sign (I was trying to take pictures of the new construction/high rise. And there was NO ONE behind me at the time).

I felt better once I found out it was her... and once I found out about this pie.

And oh... how lovely was this pie.

First of all, I am a bit upset that the folks downstairs get to have nice refrigerators in their offices, while we up in the lab have to share big janky fridges that don't get cleaned as often as they should. We also have to deal with our lunches and condiments getting stolen. That's a whole 'nother story.

But that's neither here nor there.

That pie, though...

How lovely.
And look... there is stapler next to the pie.
I like the idea of the stapler being on top of the fridge. That way, one can get work done and get their lunch together all at the same time. This is good use of work  space and time.

Back to the pie, though.

She cut a huge piece, even though I wanted just a sliver. I didn't complain, though.

  I took it though. It was free. And free is always a blessing.

*church jogs in the corner*

Anyway, Sister J was proud of her pie.
I took a bite.

SOOOO good.

Even though it was too daggone early in the morning to eat sweets. I needed the pick me up, though.

"I made it with Stevia," she said.

"Really?" I replied.

I could hardly tell. And the pie was just right. I don't like my sweet potato pies all sweet and dripping with oil and butter. This was just right.

"It's my Grandma Mattie's recipe," Sister J added.

"I bet she didn't use no stevia in it."

"No she didn't. She said 'Pass me that domino sugar."

LOL.  Yes Grandma probably did say that!  

I promptly bought my raffle tickets for the spa basket. I went and  harassed spoke to Lady K in an adjacent office (she thinks she will win the spa basket. I THINK NOT)....

And I came on upstairs and ate my pie.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. I pinched off of it until it was all gone.

I tried my BEST to save it. Tried. It would've gone nicely with my salad for lunch. But it did not work out.


Good eating, though. Real good eating.

And I best get to learning how to use stevia in my desserts.

This is what I am thankful for today. The little things.

A good piece of pie and a good laugh.

Wait... that is much to be thankful for. 


  1. Anonymous1:40:00 PM

    Happy Thanksgiving ! from Mary in La


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