Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The Day After

Well, well, well...

We have a new President-elect.

Congratulations to President Elect of The United States of America, Donald Trump.

That's one heck of a photo.

That's from Duke's twitter. He was pleased as punch with the results.

Look at that. Tanks and a nice semi-automatic weapon.


Make America Great Again!

(And we know what that means. Dog whistle. Big huge dog whistle).

I'm not all that phased. I know I stayed up half the night. Around two in the morning, I saw the results of 215 for Clinton versus 244 for Trump. And I thought... uh oh.

It's really going to happen. He's going to become president.

And you know what? I am fine with that. My confession remains the same. I have been encouraging myself for the past two weeks. See yesterday's post.

Today, my workplace mother bought me a lovely salad.

 And some salad dressing.

That was a blessing indeed. I had lunch, but I hadn't eaten yet. This was great.

What's more of a blessing was to see her smile and her optimism, and her giving me a good word of encouragement. And I went over to speak with someone else and let's just say we had church in her office.

Today, I even had a good talk with my sister, who is all the way over in Dubai. That was such a surprise and a blessing. 

So I am more encouraged and optimistic than ever.

Today we make a choice: faith or fear. They cannot occupy the same space.

I choose faith. And I move forward. 

You move forward too... on purpose. 



  1. Anonymous6:44:00 PM

    I choose faith also.

  2. Anonymous6:44:00 PM


  3. Anonymous10:28:00 AM

    Amen! I choose FAITH!



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