Tuesday, November 08, 2016

It's that Special Day...

Yes yes, ya'll...

Alright ya'll... you better make it do what it do.

You better get out there and VOTE!


People died so you can VOTE! 

If you didn't vote, I don't want to hear you complaining about who won the presidency.

I early voted a couple of weeks ago, and I am glad of it. I don't have to deal with the long lines and the frustration.


We shouldn't be letting this here election stress us out like this. I myself have friends who are voting differently from me, and I REFUSE to get in shouting message. Ya'll can have this spirit of DIVISION. I rebuke that!

I have made a special confession for the past couple of weeks.

"Lord, you know who the president is going to be. And You have always taken care of me. Therefore, my trust is in YOU. You have taken care of me in the past and in the present. I have no doubt you will take care of me in the future."

And that is that!

All I know, it is very telling, all of our fear and trepidation, that is soaked skin deep, down to our very bones.

It tells what we trust in.

I myself am doing better and better with each passing year... no matter who is in office. And that's what I am fully expecting from now on.


*waves Obama church fan*

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