Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ten Tuesday Thoughts

1. Today is national Pi Day! That makes the geek in me happy, seeing a mathematical symbol having
its own day.

2. I only know "pi" as 3.14.  There are people who can probably recite pi out past 100 decimal places. I can't do that.  I guess  I am not that geeky.

3. One of my workplace friends told me that they got a new job and they would be leaving. I burst into tears. Sigh.

4. I hate when people I like leave. I wonder why the workplace sociopaths who wreak workplace havoc are still around. Looks like they are always around. Sigh.

5. Favorite thing I've heard this week that I need to use in a story somehow.

"You brought a shoestring to a pair of jeans when you really needed a belt."

Something like that. I find it highly intriguing and visual.

6.  My favorite spot as of late:

It's a Vietnamese restaurant  (I think). And it be PACKED like a club, elbow to elbow, butt-to-butt. It is soooo good. I was telling LadyTee about it. Our phone conversation was... interesting.

"I got a new spot I'm hitting up!" I hollered.
 "What's that, girl?"
"Pho La. Pho Da La. Pho Dai Lai. Something like that. I don't know. Out in Forest Park, Jonesboro, over that way. It's a Vietnamese spot. Something like that. Not sure. All I know is that's the SPOT!"
*ladytee looking up new place* 
"Yeah, I see it," she said. She scrolled through the pictures."This sho looks good."
"Don't be running up in there trying to pronounce the food on the menu. Everything is numbered so just say 'I want that #23 and the #4.'  Keep it simple."
"I'ma try that the next time we are over that way."
"You should. Be careful, because it be crowded like a club or a Wal-Mart on a Saturday. Every night!"

I have been there, like, three times this month. Sheesh.

It's just that awesome. I can get three meals off of one order of Pho or Bun Bi.  Great food 10 minutes from my house.

And it makes me want to go read an article on Vietnamese food so I can know what's going on.

(And excuse my ebonics. That is how we talk when we are not around white folks.). 

7. My favorite song as of late: "Stop, Look, and You Have Found Love" by The Delfonics.

I am not sure what was going on at the 3:00 minute mark. I usually like when the beat changes up in a song, but not here. This change-up sounds like some freestyle gone wrong

8. That song was one of the songs in the Luke Cage series. If you haven't seen it on Netflix, check it out.

9. It is cold as all get out in my beloved ATL. The temperature is around 45 degrees, but I think it's this wind that's making life difficult!

10. But it can't be more difficult than all that snow they are getting up in the Northeast. You know a storm is going  to be bad when it''s given a name. This one is Storm Stella. Ugh.

Ya'll be safe up that way!

That is it for Ten Tuesday Thoughts.  

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