Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Freestyles

I haven't posted all week. I can't let the weekend come without a post. NO.

Look what someone brought to the Sharbucks coffee spot at work:

Mint chocolate Kit-Kats.


And I only say that because I don't mint and chocolate together. Mint chocolate ice cream, mint chocolate cookies, none of that. Yuck.

But I guess some people like it.

I had to try one, just to say I tried one.

You should've seen the look on my face.

More power to those who like them.

If you like mint and chocolate together, go get some...

On purpose...

And have a nice weekend.


  1. Mint and chocolate, menthol cigarettes; I can take them or leave them. Ladylee, you have a selective palate.

  2. I LOVE me some mint chocolate chocolate icecream, mint chocolate kitkats, mint chocolate oreo cookies, mint chocolate Hershey bar....just call me Bubba....


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