Thursday, March 09, 2017

RIP Biggie (20th Anniversary)

So 20 years ago today Biggie Smalls was assassinated.

And I don't think they ever figured out who shot him.

I loved his first album. Really. That was the first "concept" album I'd ever heard. And I will always love concept albums because of it.

So I'm posting some videos, some of my favorites from that first CD.

  We knew that first line WORD FOR WORD!

Who the f*** is this paging me at 5:46 in the morning,
Crack of dawning
Now I'm yawning
Wipe the cold out of my eye...
See who this paging me, and why!

"One More Chance"  is one of the most lyrically sound rap songs I've ever heard. I still know every word.

I remember the first time I heard that song... Me and LadyTee were riding in my old 1973 Nova down Boulevard. I had a bootleg mexican  radio, with a house speaker hanging (swinging, really) from a house speaker on the passenger side. And there were holes in the floor of the car, so you better not drop loose change.

Sigh. Those were the days.

"Me and My B*tch is some SERIOUS storytelling. Sad... But AWESOME.

The music of my twenties.

When I listen to today's music, I am *blink blink blink*

I guess I'm just getting older.

But Biggie was ALL that.

RIP Biggie.


  1. Ladylee,

    I'm originally from the South Bronx but I ended up in Southern New Jersey. Somehow I missed the whole rap phenomenon in my transition at 13 years old. I heard about RUN-DMC totally by chance in my early twenties and am still ignorant about most hip-hop. The songs that I remember most were Flashlight and Skintight of which I don't know who sang those tunes. Be thankful you had a "complete" past history. Thank you for sharing music I was never really aware of since I am a black man originally from a kind of ghetto. I lived in a good part of the South Bronx supposedly. Just talking.



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