Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Atmosphere is Everything

There's a Tex-Mex spot near my house that's pretty good. It's called No Mas. It's located up in the art district, up in Castleberry Hill.

(I did some research on Castleberry Hill. It was the red-light district before the Civil War. YIKES).

Anyway, I like it well enough. They have the BEST veggie tacos. I simply love them. They fill them with grilled squash... something like that. All I know is that they are GREAT.

They have a multi-page menu that's a lot to take in. But I always judge a spot on it's veggie tacos.

Anyway, it isn't the food that gets me... It's the atmosphere.

Atmosphere is everything.

And it most likely has something to do with the fact that the cost of the food is a tad bit higher than your everyday combo special from the local Taco Bell.

This place has the best decor I've ever seen in a restaurant.

And I took some pictures the last time I was there for some takeout.

This is the area where you order is a placed where you can just go for dessert and coffee/drinks (from what I understand).

Amazing artwork.

These lights are interesting.
They have a multitude of deserts.

I have never had their desserts, but they look pretty good. Maybe one day.

How awesome is this railing?

I just stared at this artwork. It looks like we might step straight into Mexico if we walk throught those big doors.
We'll step straight into... somewhere.  Or maybe we will just step into a storage closet.

And here's the dining area on the patio.
It was a bit cold that day. Hence no one was eating out on the patio.

Plus it was a weeknight. Quite a few cars in the parking lot, but everyone was inside.

I love going there just to... look. I see something different every time.

And I love their veggie tacos. 

But they surely take atmosphere to another level. 


  1. The Green Eyed Bandit1:04:00 PM

    That is one of my spots. I have never noticed the dessert display. I must check it out the next time I am there.

    1. You have to go off to the side. It's not where you go in to eat. I don't think you would ever notice if you didn't do take out. REAL quiet over there.


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