Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Black History 2017... The Last Day.

'Tis the last day of Black History Month, and I have seen a plethora of pictures this month on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

None captured my interest more than the one below.

When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, that one tells a story indeed.

I will never go out and march and protest. I know because of the color of my skin, there will be police dressed in riot gear, with heavy artillery ready to go, and well, I don't need to be there. Besides, my ex-husband was a vice cop at one time, and he put the fear of God in me concerning police. After he explained things to me, I make sure to talk real slow and  be as nice as possible when I come into contact with them. I have good experiences, and bad. I am still here.  That is all.

But I am thankful for those who have marched in the past, and stood up for their rights.

Like this woman above. She's defiant. And while she's standing there, she's gonna keep her pocketbook close..

...And smoke her cigarette. 

Someday I will look up the story behind that picture.

For now, I can imagine her sitting at a table playing a rousing game of bid whist, and retelling the story to her friends...

"Girl, I wasn't scared of those police. Better not touch me. I stood there and smoked my cigarette while they talked all that trash. I wasn't scared of them."

The story probably went on all night long.

And rightfully so.

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