Wednesday, February 01, 2017

It's Soup Time!

When it's cold outside, I crave soup. I usually buy it if I want it, and I try to find some soup that's homemade (i.e., no canned soup for me).

I was working from home on Monday, and it felt good to just get up from computer the other day and take a container of homemade soup out of the freezer and defrost it. (I need to find more opportunities to work from home).

So  I had vegetable soup. And it was pretty good.

Well, sort of.

It needed some mushrooms and some corn or something else. But it was still good.

I'd made it last week in my crockpot.

(And there is Callie Jo, sitting on her stoop, always interested in what going on).

I sat that up overnight, and it smelled so good early the next morning.

I made it with a 32 bean mix I bought at my local natural food co-op.

Correction: 32 beans and 8 vegetables.

Here's a list of the beans in the soup.

There are some beans on the list I've never heard of.

European Soldier
Jackson Wonder
Jacobs Cattle
Scarlett Runner
Snow Cap

And ones I would NEVER even thought existed...

Like... Tongues of Fire beans... and Rattlesnake beans.

Can you imagine?

"Yo LadyLee, I'm running to the store! You want me to bring you something back?"

"Yes! Bring me back some of them Rattlesnake Beans!"


Who came up with those names? And why??

So I looked up pictures...

Here are the rattlesnake beans.

And here are the tongues of fire beans. 

Both of those look like some version of pole beans, I suppose. And they probably got their names from their appearance. Who knows. And unless I'm going to plant a garden full of them, it ain't all that important.

I don't know, and I don't really care. All I know is that they were good.

And $3 worth gives me a full crockpot of soup.

And that is all that matters.

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