Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Good Monday Morning: A LadyLee Oscars Wrap-Up.

So I watched last night's Oscars... All (close to) 4 hours of it.

I was interested this year because I'd seen a few of the movies.  I'd seen Hidden Figures, Fences, Moonlight, Hell or High Water, Arrival, Suicide Squad, and probably a few others.

No I did not see La La Land.  It's always confusing to me when a film comes out on Christmas and NO ONE has heard of it until a month before Oscar time. Uh nope. I have a rule to not see some doggone movie they are just trying to hype up.

You should've put it out in the summer, buddy. Humph.

I like documentaries, though. And I saw The 13th, OJ Made in America, and I am Not Your Negro.

Now, The 13th was the best documentary I'd ever seen. EVER. That was put out on Netflix. If you haven't seen that, get busy seeing it.

OJ: Made in America was equally good. The problem is that it has to be close to 8 hours long. You have to watch it in pieces. But it is excellent. OJ better be glad that didn't come out when he was on trial for those murders. That is all I got to say about that.

I am Not Your Negro was okay. Worth a watch, as it is an introduction to Baldwin. I will definitely be reading some of James Baldwin's work soon. Yes. 

For me, it was between OJ and 13th. There were two other documentaries up besides the three mentioned here, but I couldn't tell you what they are. I tapped out when they talked about them.

And OJ: Made in America won.

Yay!! Well deserved.

Best Supporting Actress was another category that I was waiting for.

And Viola Davis won! Yaaay.

I am not sure why she was in that category, but I don't think she would've won best actress.

I LOVE Viola Davis. LOVE HER. I go see whatever movie she is in. Yes I do. She is one of my favorite actresses. (Alfre Woodard is my top favorite actress, though).

Now I remember watching Luke Cage on Netflix this past summer. I liked the series. But I was blown away for Mahershala Ali, who played the villian Cottomouth in the series. I thought to myself.

That dude. Whatever he's in, I'm going to see it. 

So I saw Moonlight. It wasn't anything I cared to see, but he was in it.  He was in Moonlight, but not for very long. But he did a great job as drug dealer Juan.

And he won the Oscar for best Supporting Actor. 

That dude right there.... like I said, when I see he's going to be in something, I'm running to see it.

He was in Hidden Figures, and he was good in that.

Then there was Best picture.

And the winner is.  La La Land!!

Now when I heard that, I just tapped out.

It was after midnight. I'd been sitting in my big easy chair crocheting a baby blanket for a coworker's forthcoming baby.  I was watching the Oscars and listening to my music on my headphones at the same time. Meaning, when they were lollygagging on the Oscars, I was listening to music.

So when they announced La La Land as the winner, I immediately put my headphones in and folded my crochet up and placed it in a box. I was thirsty, so I went in the kitchen to get some water.

When I returned to the living room to turn off the lamp light, music still bumping hard in my ears, I saw a bunch of BLACK PEOPLE on stage.

I thought... Them the little black boys from Moonlight. Why are they up on stage???

What the world?

And you know what... It took me a few minutes to understand (I had to get on twitter to ask the question)

But Moonlight was the winner!

How crazy was that? Has a mistake like that ever happened in Oscar history?


Good for them, though!

I saw Moonlight. It was alright. I was pulling for Hidden Figures. It was simply a matter of what I could relate to.

Moonlight was an LGBT movie.  I can't relate to that. The movie was good, writing was good. I could appreciate it as a story different from my own, and most importantly that it was someone's story, and someone saw themselves in that story.

I saw myself in Hidden Figures. I saw black women scientists on screen, and they were the heroes. I don't know if I have seen that, or if I would ever see myself represented on screen again. For one of the rare few times, I was proud to be a female scientist. Proud.

Likewise, I am sure black LGBT people have not seen themselves on screen in such a major motion picture. So I can imagine how they feel, and I can respect the story.

But that mistake in the announcement. HILARIOUS!!!!

Good for them, though.

It was a decent Oscars show. TOO LONG.

I didn't watch last year. Didn't see any of the movies. No need to watch. Glad there was more inclusion this year.

There are more movies I want to see from this year's batch, like Lion, and I will be checking those out. . 

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