Tuesday, January 03, 2006



Yeah, I jacked your picture from your blog...

Yeah, I did it!

What? What? Say somethin'!

*Ladylee standing back doing the Celie Color Purple two-finger point at Serenity 23*


*Ladylee trying to duck out of the way but still catching Serenity 23's high heel, strappy "Shoe of the Week" right up side the head*

*Ladylee getting up off the floor*

Happy Birthday, Whoadie!!!

First of all, let's discuss this "shoe of the week" thing you got going on on your blog... Those strappy heels are not for a tomboy like me. Nope. I can't rock those with a pair of sweats... I can't wear those strappy things out in the rain!!!

Now here's a REAL "Shoe of the Week"

As they say in your home state, especially in New Orleans... "For True??"

Yes indeed!!!

Now see here, Serenity... That shoe, that shoe right therrre is a REAL "Shoe of the Week".

No you can't rock that with a dress, but hey, they are comfortable, and you can definitely do a mean crossover and slam dunk in them!! LOL :)

Second of all, your song is playing...

For some reason, me, you, and your girls riding shotgun (DJ Diva and Ladybug) get off on Juvie's "Ha"!!! I think we are all a bit mental. That song is a bit... strange...

"You a paper chaser/You got your block on fire /Remaining a g until the moment you expire/You know what it is to make nothing out of something/You handle you biz and don't be cryin and suffering."

Oh, that might not be too bad... We can pull a couple of life lessons out of that. That's probably why we like that song, ha?

And Finally...

I am down for your blog, man! I wish I was as good a writer as you!!! Ain't NOTHING like The Sundown Gospel of Serenity, Chapter 23! I've learned so much about you, so much about myself through those words you write... You've gotten me to think about some things, examine myself, and make a few changes in my life. Your posts are always so on point, so timely... Thanks for encouraging me to "Cut the bullshit" and for getting me to post some substantial ish!!

If I had a million dollars, I'd give it to you, girl. (Well not really, but I would break you off a chunk of change!)

But you already got my gift of words ("C" parts I & II). Hope my written words could mean to you a fraction of what your written words have meant to me!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a Happy, Happy, Happy, HAPPY 28th birthday!!

From that ticking timebomb....



  1. That is soooooooooooooooooo sweet.. And I can really do a little dance off that song... Man I remember the club when that song was out... And your shoe of the week would never make it pass GO with me. I don't do tennis... But good try... I'm still gonna find some kitten heels so you can see what I'm talking about.. Thank you very much for the birthday gift. Parts I & II. Meant a lot.. Raising my glass to a new friendship/mentorship...

  2. Dito! That was so damn sweet of you, Lee. I like your shoe of the week, too. Although, at this point in my life, I'd have to go with Serenity's. LOL If you would have caught me a few years ago, I'd be with you. LOL Man..this post is awesome!..Gracious post, sista. (Chest sticking out) Glad to know you in blog world.

  3. Now THAT'S a "Shoe of the Week!" Like...for TRUE! Did you ever wonder what Juvie meant when he says, "...u know what it is to make nothing out of something?" Why exactly would you want to do that?

  4. yo ha!
    i can't believe u really wear those kicks ha!
    ain't nothing like a high heel ha!
    when you taking those flicks ha!

    nah for real...i'm short...i need a heel...

    this was so sweet...shoot i wish i had thought of it...but i'm so glad u did

    happy b day girl!

  5. @S23...Glad you like! Yeah, one day, you'll wise up and put a pair of Keds up as the shoe of the week... But I gotta admit, the shoes you DO put up as the shoe of the week are FIERCE!!

    What's in that glass you raising up, ha?

    Glad you liked Parts 1&2...

    Grasshopper Ladylee

    @Kayla... Glad you like!

    And yeah, you would side with S23, Miss Prissy!!!!!


    "For True?!" For the longest time after i moved to New Orleans, when folks said "For True?" I didn't know what the hell they were talking about!! Especially with the New Orleans accent!

    You know, Ladybug, we're not in school anymore. Stop scientifically trying to analyze a Cash Money Millionaire song... You're deep off the pages, boo. Too deep, now. Bring it on back, now!

    But I've never noticed that line... Hmmm... Now you got me thanking too hard. Why can't we just sit back and pop our fangers to the song, Whoadie??

    @DJ DIVA...

    Hmmph... another Diva talking about some damn high heels... Tell me, can you bust a transformer scratch in some high heel shoes, DJ? What about one of those behind the back scratches, ha? Can you!

    You bunch of munchkins... I guess you do need heels. I'm 5'7". Keep me as close to the ground as possible!!

  6. Happy B-Day to Serenity!!!!!

    Now you ain't kidding about that shoe of the week (smile)!

  7. girl please...let me send you some pics of me dj-aying in high heeled boots...chile it's nothing...I even cocked my leg up on the dj table without scratching the record!

    and I can also haul major ass in heels to if I need to...

    And kick someone str8 in back for bumping my table...watchout now!

  8. @ Nic... That's right. It's all about them sneakers!

    @DJ DIVA!!


    I don't believe that. Your nose is growing, Pinnochio...

    Shoot, I'll believe it when I see it, homie!


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