Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Jacks, Part III

Sharon (Ms. Just Write Now!) posted in my New Years Day comment section that she found some metal jacks out in her neck of the woods. (Yo Sharon, where you at, girl??... St Louis, right?)

She wanted to send them to me...

Never mind, girl ('preciate it, though.. good lookin' out!)...

We found some right here in the ATL, way out in the Cobb County suburbs.

Aren't they lovely???

My co-worker, Detroit Meek-Meek, found them way out where she lives.

I was pleased as punch!!!

But you know what was even more lovely????

Ahhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, baby...

I'm shakin' and scratchin' like a crackhead!!!!

I asked her, when she brought in that first pack, "Um... Meek, Meek, um, did they, like, have anymore besides this, um, one pack you brought in??

"Yeah, girl!"

I pulled a ten dollar bill out of my pocket. "Go back and GET THEM ALL!!"

"Alright!" she yelled.

She came back with a lovely bag of metal jacks...

Now, every once in a blue moon, the WHOLE shady supervision staff goes to some off-site meeting..

Next time they go away on their so-called special training...

There's gonna be a straight up Jacks Renegade in this joint...

Really, though!



  1. Anything for you Lady! Now let's just be careful with the renegade Jacks know how you love getting that payroll deposited every 2 weeks ;)

  2. @ Sharon... yeah girl, you see I'm waiting until them bustas get gone somewhere...We're already known for having our potlucks and disappearing when management happens to skip away for a couple of days (our goal-- get all of the day's work done in half the time, then party for the rest! LOL!)...

    What a perfect time for a wonderful Festival of Jacks...

    And oh yeah, they best have my bread deposited Friday after next... let's not mess that up :)

  3. Yo..I'm coming for dat!!!

    And I'ma whip allayall!!!

    Uhm Lady *scratchin* I waaaant some LOL

  4. You have to be the only person in the blogging world who's written 3 different posts about jacks. Well, maybe you're not, but you know what I mean.

    Yay jacks!

  5. You'd whip my aisssss in jacks, but pull out two ropes...I'd double-dutch all over your jacks! ;-)

    Love your nostalgic posts. Hey, remember chinese jump rope(In. Out. Side to Side and ON!!)? I used to harrass the newspaper man for rubber bands so I can make my own.

  6. @DJ... This not the state competition, this ish here is local.. Get back!!!

    @Jaimie... yeah, I'm the only one blogging about jacks... Don't get any funny ideas, girl:)

    @ Chubby C... You know, we've been thinking about some double dutch. A bunch of us can turn it, but no one can jump it... and that's no fun... Plus we can't figure out how to not smash up our cubicles while turning those ropes...

    And honey, I've never heard of Chinese jump roping... What ya'll been learning down in de backwoods of de islands, mon??? lol!

  7. damn...aint seen jacks in a WHILE...

  8. LOL....girl you are a mess with those jacks, hahaha!

    I wanted to say thank you! Believe it or not in your own special way you have motivated me to get my butt in gear and I have finally started back working on my powerpoint for the proposal defense. YEAH!!!

    Thanks Lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have gone from 7 slides to 18 since I got home from work today. It may not seem like much but its a HUGE accomplishment for me the "serial procrastinator"!

  9. @ courtney-e...

    We said the same thing a few weeks ago when someone brought in the plastic ones...

    @ Dr.Nic...

    Look girl. I've been through that dissertation process. (I'm getting hives just thinking about it) If you need a good pimp slap, just come on over to my blog and let me know. You KNOW I'll come over to Ecstasy Road and talk PLENTY of trash. Like I said "It's gonna get done. Why? Because it ALWAYS gets done."

    And I told you 3 slides a night. What's up with 7-10 slides per night? You are super motivated...

    Go Dr. Nic!!!

  10. Im a 80's baby--Jacks was the shit... I bet u cant even play...lmao

  11. Anonymous10:36:00 PM

    Yet another reason why we get along so well. I LOVE to play jacks! I even came in second place in a jacks tourney when I was 5 or so and went to my small town's version of YMCA! I got a nice little red ribbon that said "second place" (My mom framed it for me along with the other ribbons I got for dodge ball, and jump rope) Oh yea! I'm good!
    Sorry I have been out of touch. The little guy is a bit colicky and I haven't been able to put him down. Lucky I am experienced and know that it will soon pass. Too bad my house looks so terrible!

    Also, I wanted to tell you that I liked the picture of the mailbox on the chair. I'm surprised it happens in the 'hood. Hell, where I come from, that is standard issue on the rural route!

    Take care! OG#2


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