Sunday, January 01, 2006

Out with the Old, In with the New!

I'm all giddy about what the year 2006 will bring...

Aren't you??



  1. Just surfing through the blogosphere and stumbled by your place. Happy New Year!!!!!

  2. Happy New Year Ladylee!

  3. Happy New Year, LL, O (O for Original Oldgirl).

  4. Lady where did you get that old 1980's, Cosby kids picture from? LOL! I used to wear my hair like this in elementary. That picture brings back memories. Is that someone I'm supposed to know? That's not anyone from Fat Albert is it? I'm cracking up. You remember that Gary Coleman cartoon when he was the angel? Well this chick looks like that little girl on there with him. You remember that cartoon? I know you know every cartoon ever made so I am sure you do. LOL! Did you get my book yet? I hope you do and if so, enjoy it.

  5. Happy New Year, Lady!!!

    Heyyyyy ... that cartoon pic looks like one of my exes. LOL

  6. Happy two double 06 Lady! You were wondering what it would bring, well I can tell you one thing it will bring you for sure...metal jacks! I found them here in St. Louis, so send an address to my AOL email address and I will send them off to you ASAP! Take care!

    PS as an added bonus, they come with two red bouncy balls that are pretty close to authentic.

  7. Nice Blog, Beautiful pics. Happy New year!

  8. cute illustration Ladylee. I'm excited too.

  9. @O-noise, S23, N-Control, Jaimie & Will...

    Happy New year, ya'll. Thanks for stopping through!!

    @Ladybug... 'sup girl? Happy new yeaaaarrr! I'm diggin' that LL Cool O!! I gotta use that!

    Now homegirl, love child of the 80's, I knew you of all people would recognize that picture from Fat Albert. And you jacked oldgirl's hairstyle in elementary school??? LOL! And no you didn't bring up that bootleg Gary Coleman cartoon! HA HA!

    You know I'ma get that book. I just have to order it, that's all!

    @Sharon... You're too late, homie! We found some metal jacks!! HAAAA! Glad you're back, and hope your holidays were all that!

  10. yeah I'm late...but u know how I feel about u!!!!

    Happy New Year!

    and strangely enuf? I'm giddy as hell!

  11. @ DJ DIVA...

    Kivi kivi kivi (**Ladylee attempting to do a transformer scratch)

    Kick this one here (2006) for me and my DJ!!!!

    Where you been, and what's got you all giddy like the giddy gal in the picture!?!?!?

    Happy 2 00 6!!!

  12. 2006 is already feeling like a good fit. I hope it fits well for you and yours for the next 361 or so...

  13. @ Hassan... I like that, Hassan!! happy new year!

  14. Happy New Year...souf side!!! *throwin' up a Colly Park gang sign*...even doah some folks done moved...hmmph!

  15. @Sista K....

    What, girl? Don't you know, I'll ALWAYS represent Colly Park???!!!

    *Ladylee throwing up the Celie crooked 2-finger point instead of the Colly Park gang sign*

    I don't care if I move my tail out to Alaska, it's STILL all about Colly Park, gurl!!!! :)

    Happy New Year, Sista K!!


    You have the cutest cartoon pics.

  17. @ Chubby Choc...

    Oh my, Celie, I mean Chubby's back from de islands, mon! Glad you're back safe! Have a happy New Year, girl!


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