Monday, January 30, 2006

It's My House, and I Live Here....

"It's my house, and I live here..."

You remember that song?

The Super Diva Diana Ross got down when she made that song right therrre!

I sing it sometimes when I'm walking around my house...

I bought a new home in the middle of the hood last year, and I've been living there for close to four months, so I thought I would do a series of posts about my experiences in the house, with my lovely neighbors, etcetera...

Just giving you a little look-see at the front porch...I didn't post the full picture of my house because you negroes may try to run up on a sista or something...

I, LadyLee, am a world famous oldgirl, and I like my privacy...

So if you try to pull up on a broad, I got a little sumthin' sumthin' for ya...

*Click-Click...LadyLee cocking the shotgun*

(That especially goes out to that 80's Love Child- Stacy D!)

People are quite suprised that I, LadyLee, being such a Tomboy and all, picked such a feminine peachy-pink color... But I love all things peach, especially peach scented candles, peachy bubble baths, peach incense, etc... Such things bring out the "Lady" in LadyLee...

The builders painted my front door black though, which pissed me off a bit, but it made sense, since they gave me dark screens. It matches quite nicely...

And my house was the BOMB for Halloween... Oh yeah, baby!!!

And I just love trees! I have a huge oak tree in the front yard, and my Mother discovered that I had a nice pecan tree in the back yard...

Yes, I adore trees.... ~sigh~

I forgot trees dropped leaves in the fall, though... I was paying the local crackheads, Mr. Snake and a dude name Bin Laden, to rake leaves. Problem was, damn leaves would fall all over again within a couple of days....

There were a few times I went outside on a fall morning after a windy night, and every leaf and acorn in Georgia would be on my front porch, in my driveway, and in my front yard....
I could've sworn some damn Gremlins were gathering every leaf in the neighborhood, and throwing them in my yard.... So as you can see from the picture, right now, I need to rake...

I'll do that when the leaves stop falling...

Yeah, that sounds like a plan...

So, uh, stay tuned for a few funny things that have been going on sense my move to the hood...

Ladylee :)


  1. I actually like the color and crachead labor awwwww I miss that since I move to gated community :) nice visit as always

  2. That's a beautiful porch! I unfortunately live in LA, where even living in the 'hood will cost you $500,000 for a house-so it looks like renting for a lifetime for me! Unless I move to another state or something...

    Anyway, your house is fabulous!

  3. i love the house and color. it says "welcome". nothing like owning your own house. i know it must feel great!

  4. @ Khalli...
    Crackhead labor is something to behold, Sneaker King... and I just moved from a gated community...

    @ Jaimie... Yeah, when I saw that you and James live in L.A., I thought "They some straight up ballers!!!!" I know the rent must be high as hell out there, too!!

    Glad you like the house... You make me want to post the full picture :)

    @Incognito... glad you like it, girl!! I thought the color said "Welcome" too! yeah, it felt great for a minute, until those bills started rolling in... Uggghhh:(

  5. Ain't it great? I was so overwhelmed when I bought my house I didn't know what to do with myself. I would sit at the top of my stairs and look down at my living room and just grin. Can't wait to hear more.

    Thanks for coming by my spot.

  6. I really like the color. Its pretty.

    Okay paying the local crackheads to rake leaves and I’m LMAO @ Bin Laden.

  7. I love me some neighborhood crackheads...Mine...Jill...brings me brand new church clothes in my size...Love her

    and love that oh man...the color is beautiful!

  8. I love your house and for the record, ain't nobody running up on you uninvited...:) Unless of course you gonna try and make some gumbo or something like that.

  9. @ Chele... ain't it nice? I do the same thing, too! And I'm loving your blog, it's really nice.
    Thank you very much for coming by my place:)

    @Nic... and I had to get on Bin Laden... He be knocking on my door late at night, trying to disguise his voice. I went off on him on Sunday when he came knocking!

    @ DJ... stop buying hot clothes girl!!!... Our crackheads are more sophistificated... They bring trees and stuff for the yard... They don't like me, because I run up on them trying to borrow money, which really confuses them...

    @The shoe queen S23... I have 3 quarts of gumbo out in the garage in the deep freezer... so like I said, back up, and stop trying to peak in my windows--- because I shoot first, and ask questions later, Whoadie! :)

  10. Nice house.

    I remember that song!!!! It's going to be in my head all night now...Thank you. :-)

  11. @ CC... go head on and sing it, girl... Be a Super Diva for a day!

  12. Lady that's a beautiful house but don't put your house on the Internet girl! Don't come crying to me when one of these guys stalks you, LOL! I don't need to see a picture of your porch. You chased me off of it with a shotgun. Believe me I don't need a reminder. LOL!

  13. @ Stacy-D... Ha! Ha! That's not the whole house, only the front porch... and that's why I gots the shotgun cocked and ready... Especially since I saw how great it was for running you off!!!!

  14. about....we have a lawn service! LOL I ain't raking SHIT!!! LOL But your house is BEAUTIFUL girl! I love the color ( you know we are devoid of "colorful" facades or homes here in Detroit, everything is a shade of "grey or "tan"....ugh....that's why I need to leave!) :-)

  15. A house that looks like that here in southern california would cost a grip. We just got our house that needs a new roof yesterday and new plumbing and new electrical, appraised. Let's just say I couldn't afford to buy it right now if I had too.


  16. @ Robyn... Lawn Service??? The shame... You don't have any crackheads creepin' around???

    @ BBall Mama... ha, best just to get it fixed up, hunh?

  17. And the similarites just keep on going...Girl, I feel you on the "It's my house" thing as I just got into my own house about 4 months before meeting you last August. I've got a 45 year old house on an acre lot with about 25 mature trees on it, so don't talk to me about leaves. I waited for 2 months until all the leaves fell then just raked once. Unfortunately, I'm in the burbs which means no crackhead labor as our crackheads are trying to hire me to rake the leaves at the houses they own! Speaking of crackheads, stop by my spot and let me know your thoughts on my latest post. Congrats again on the house, it is beautiful (at least what I can see)...I'm going to try to find it when I'm in Atlanta for a week May 30- June something.

  18. Love the house, lady! I especially love the porch! I think your house says, "Come on in."

  19. So you paid a dude named 'Bin Laden' to rake your leaves?


    I'm still tring to get Idi Amin to get me an altenator...

  20. I love it love it love it...ohhhhh your house is very nice and coated with my favorite color in the world..YELLOW..very nice--glad for you! Keep ya saturday nite special under ya sure that house stands amongst all!!


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