Friday, April 21, 2006

The high price of Gas!!

Yo... remember this?

Remember how HARD you were whining about gas being all high at $1.50 per gallon??

Remember that??

Now gas is close to $3.00 per gallon in the ATL...

Shoot, I wonder what cha'll gonna say once gas prices REALLY hit the roof...


I've only filled up my tank 3 times this year, since I live close to work, and rarely drive. So I am not all that bothered by it (right now)... It just seems that this is the HOT topic whenever I watch the news...

So hate it for ya'll... Really, I do.

But seriously, SOMEBODY out there is making some serious bread off of this gas hike...

Somebody's pockets are getting Fat, Fat, PHAT!!! PHATTER BY THE MINUTE!!

Newsflash... It's not yours or mines.

Why, it's been reported that Exxon Mobil's former CEO Lee Raymond has received 700 million dollars in payouts over the last 13 years.

Dude has PHAT pockets... And I am sure there are many more CEO's with bulging pockets...

Bet they're not worried about these high gas prices...

Humph... wonder how long the oil companies are going to get away with this???


  1. Here is the kicker, those CEO's have company cars and gas cards, so they aren't paying out of thier own pockets when they fill up.

  2. @bball mama...

    oh, what you're trying to say is that they REEAALLLY don't give a damn about how high these prices go...

    And with THAT type of payout bread? I don't need a comp. car and gas card...It's all about the chaueffered limo, honey! LOL!

  3. And they got that too!!

    I paid $3.19 a gallon yesterday! It physicaly hurt me to do that. I had to stop the pump at $35.00. I just couldn't bear to watch it go any higher.

    The Explorer was not happy because it only got half a tank full. Yes, I said HALF!

  4. It's a mess, girl. I topped off my tank on Saturday morning and the gas was $2.97. Later that afternoon I drove by the same station and the price had gone up to $2.99! WTH? They say we won't experience any relief until July ...

  5. @bballmom...AIN'T DAT A B*TCH! doubt. with that much money, they ain't caring one bit about gas prices.

    and what about alternative fueling methods? what about alternative sources? they're out there! how come the government is acting stupid about this???

  6. I am going to get a damn lawnmower and ride it, will mean less dating but think of all the money I can save on gas :)

  7. @BBall Mama...

    Woo, woo, woo, Bball mama!!

    That is sad. I was contemplating getting a Lexus soon, but I think I will stick with the Protege and my 30 dollar fill-up for now... and wait this one out!! LOL!

  8. @ That OG Chele...

    You know, I only fill up once every 4-5 weeks, so I don't pay any attention... I have a quarter tank now, and just from what you say, and watching the news, shoot, I gotta go fill it up this afternoon after work!!!

    No relief til July? Where you hear that at? They been screaming on the news that it may hit 4 bucks a gallon! YIKES!

    @ That ATLien Nikki...

    Homegirl, the only alternative fuel I want to hear about is how to use water straight out of my water hose to fill up my tank... THAT'S what I call a freakin' alternative!!! LOL!!

    @ the Sneaker King, K88...

    Go head on and do the darn thing, man!! Trick that riding lawnmower out, and do a gangsta lean while cruising down the sidewalk... You know how us womens is!! We'll STILL try to HOLLA:) LOL!!!

    Really though!!

  9. Girl, if gas gets that high here in Virginia, I swear I'll be walking! OR car pooling!

    I'm glad I don't have an SUV right about now. I was thinking about it, but as the gas prices went up, my decision was made...getting a truck is out of the question..ain't nothing wrong with fatasizin' though. LOL

  10. Great Scotts!!!
    I thought gas was high In Cali when I paid $3.34.

    If that $5 per galloon notion hits my area,I'll trade my Benz in for a hybrid....QUICKLY.


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