Monday, April 10, 2006

A LadyLee weekend, Part I: My first real houseguests

(Countdown to post #100... This is post #98.)

I had a good weekend...

No, I didn't get into any fights or anything...

Just a good weekend...

I had my first houseguests last week...

My friend Niecy was in town, with her two nieces for the Juanita Bynum gathering in Atlanta. They wore all white on the first day of the event, so I took a few pictures of them...

No, I didn't go with them... I don't like crowds, and I knew they would be gone until late at night, and um... it ain't going down with me...

I went to school with Niecy... I was in undergrad, when she was in grad school. We became fast friends, and we have kept in touch since the early 90's via email and phone...

I don't see her much. Maybe once every five years or so. But she's the type of friend that if she sees me on television, held hostage over in Iraq, pleading for president Bush to help me...

...she'd round up a posse of folks, grab a few guns, and come get me instead...

She' s that type of friend... A true Original Oldgirl. She got my back at all times!!! LOL!

She called a couple of months ago...

"Hey Lee-Lee!"

"What's up, girl!"

We need a place to stay while in the ATL... The hotels are booked solid!"

"Cool, no problem, come on down!"

Now when I hung up the phone, I looked around my 3 bedroom, 2 bath new home, and thought...

Oh my!

I got a little nervous. I am still decorating, you see.

I got nervous because Niecy has a beautifully furnished mini-mansion up in New Jersey... She's going to feel a bit confined up in my crib...

I remember the first time I walked into her house a few years ago... I was speechless, shocked and stupefied.

I don't think she will be all that impressed with my place.

That's okay. We homegirls. It's all good.

So my sister and I did quite a bit of cleaning for a couple of days last week.

Poor Kay. I saw my sister sitting on the floor of the upstairs bathoom indian style, suspiciously eyeing the nooks and crannies between the tub and the floor tile.

"I can't figure out how to get that part clean, Lee!"

I went into her room and grabbed some Q-tips. I ran back and wetted them with a little water and shoved them at her.

"Use these!"

She looked at me like I'd been smoking crack or something... She is such a Diva, and divas aren't suppose to be on the floor cleaning anything with Q-tips...

But she did an exceptional job. Thanks Kay!

I even bought fresh cut flowers for the occasion of having my first visitors.

Tulips for Kay's upstairs bathroom, and some bootleg cheap flowers for my downstairs bathroom... I even bought the more expensive soaps and little boxes of Kleenex... I am such a gracious host.

And of course, I got some flowers for the coffee table... They too were bootleg...

I don't know why I am on this flower kick right now... They bring the "Lady" out of the tomboyish "LadyLee", I guess. And I have this thing for SoftSoap Shea Butter liquid soap right now. I know my sister has been looking at me like I've gone crazy...

"Look at the flowers I bought, Kay!!"

*Kay nods and tip-toes away, not knowing what to make of her tomboy of a sister's attempt at being a diva*

Well anyway, Kay and and my brother Da'Kari had been acting real strange during my friend's 4 day ATL visit.

Kay was a bit more quiet than usual... And Da'Kari kept calling my cellphone...

"Hey!! Everything alright, Shawty?"

"Yeah, it's all good."

Well, Kay came downstairs Friday afternoon, looking at me thoughtfully.

"Your friend is real nice, Lisa! She's really nice!"

I frowned at her. "Yeah, she is. Duuh...Why wouldn't she be?"

"I don't know. I thought that they were some of those internet people you fool with, you know...

"Those bloggers"

I laughed. Turns out they thought a bunch of bloggers were staying with me... And Kay has a thing about folks from the internet. She thinks they are all shady...

Kay shrugged. "I wanted to ask her, which one she was. Was she DJ Diva or S23 or the Microphone Queen?"

I laughed a little too hard at her. "Um, no... me and Niecy go way back. You never met her, but I talked about you all the time. You were a little girl back then, Kay."

"Oh, okay." She was very relieved.

I told Niecy about this... She thought it was the funniest thing in the world!!

Once Da'Kari found out this bit of info, that they were not bloggers, he came over on Saturday, straight from his weekend Army reserve training, all decked out in Army fatigues and dark sunglasses...

...trying to mack my friend's neices.

I had to smack that lil' boy hard up side his head...

I'm glad I got a chance to see my friend, but we didn't spend much time together. I plan to go up to New Jersey this summer to hang out with her at the mini-mansion for a few days.

We were suppose to go to dinner but they were late getting back from the gathering, and they had a flight to catch. So she left me some cash for dinner.

Thanks, girl!!!

We went and got some soul food with that cash!!

We went to Something Special and picked up a little takeout!!!

The boy had a fried chicken dinner... My sister and I had oxtail dinners! Apple and peach cobblers for dessert! Sweet tea to wash it all down!! We even were able to buy a small order of chittlins!!!


We had the "itis" when it was all over with.

All of us went to sleep! Thanks again, girl!

And I am glad I got a chance to see you, and I'm glad I could provide a place for you to stay, close to downtown.

Be sure to drop in anytime! You're always welcome.


  1. Speaking as one of the dreaded BLOGGERS: I'm glad you had a great time with your girl. Sounds like a great time. Was today the first time I had my speakers turned up or did you just add the music? I like it!

  2. @That OG Chele...

    Yep, that's music you hear. I am trying to do something different for the 100th post, like adding some background music instead of a video. That was just a little test, trying to work out all the kinks. I think I want to put more of the music I LIKE on my blog, you know...

    Glad you like it! I was wondering if I would get any comments about it!

    I talked to Niecy an hour ago, and we are still howling over the whole blogger thing... I just knew my sister was sleeping with a big butcher knife and one eye open... Kay even admitted today that she was considering bailing out of here and getting a hotel room somewhere... and I am glad my brother didn't show up with any of his medieval swords or guns!! My bro and sis were so concerned!

    Too funny!!!

  3. I like the music. And you tell Kay that when S23 shows up, she will know it... You know I got that deep soultry voice. :) I guess that means she'll be cleaning again when I come to town and you tell Dakari to stay away cause this here is a "big boy ride." HA! LMBO

  4. Please S23...sultry? deep?...I believe mean that's me Ms. Teeny!

    I too am one of those bloggers...And das allright...In the words of Redman: "I'll be dat!"

    Your sister is right...Diva don't scrub no floors with small utensils...You ever see "Private Benjamin"?

    Tell your brother I got some milk and cookies for him ;)

    See your behind in August!

  5. Alright OG,

    You've been in the game long enough to know that the babies need to be prepared in advance for trauma....

    Now you know this Original Oldgirl is coming to town twice in June, so I'd say its about time to prepare baby sis and baby bro for the attack of the Midwest Blogging Microphone Queen :

    It's alright Kay, I'm not resting my head at the ranch....I got a room, but just so you know, I will be leaving all of my weapons [both the small easily hidden ones as well as my WMD's (weapons of mass destruction) in the Lou. So at least for these two visits, you're safe! HIL-LAR-RI-YOUS!

    Ladylee tell your siblings the old horror movie they have us confused with was "THE BLOB" and not "THE BLOG"! (ROFLMBBAO--rolling on floor laughing my black blogging azz off).

    What's the difference between a blob and a blog?
    -A blob is kinda creepy and gets all over you....oh, there is no difference (HAHAHAHAHA)....

  6. There is nothing better than opening up your home, spending time and catchin the itis with the ones you have grown to trust and love.

    Nothing like this itis when it's spent with old friends.

  7. @S23...

    glad you like the music, girl... and you WISH you had the deep sultry voice...

    come on, say it for me...

    "Harpo, who this woman?"

    I told Dakari you called him "milk and cookies". He balked at that... I'll let you two settle that when you come this way!


    @ DJ DIVA...

    yeah, you the one with the deep voice, girl! Somebody better let S23 know!!

    I told Kay that ya'll aren't ax murderers, and ya'll got hotels, etc., when you come to the ATL... I told her it's ME that they have to worry about! I am the crazy one!! LOL!

    Dakari was telling Niecy one of his pickup lines... "I'm in the military, and that means BENEFITS". You know you ladies LOVE that, even if he is "Milk and Cookies"!

  8. @ sharon...

    Put the microphone down, Sharon... you are not a comediane!!!


    And I will definitely hook up with you in June, weapon-free Queen!!

  9. Let it be known that I DJ DIVA...started the "Milk and Cookies" phrase...

    Please give credit where credit is due....

  10. @Hassan... Man, The "itis" is a GOOD thang!!

    @DJ DIVA... sorry hon, didn't know that it was your phrase. How creative of you. It's just that S23 kind of wears it out... Thought she came up with that!!

  11. Sound like you had a good time ladylee.... its almost like I could smell those flowers.


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