Friday, August 25, 2006

The Kat's Mixtapes!!

No, no, NOOOOO! I'm not talking about that cat! Not my cat Oscar-Tyrone.

He always has that look that says...

"I can't stand dealing with you awful trifling negroes!"

Not him. I would NEVER make his little prejudice behind a mixtape!

No I am talking about one of my book club sisters, "Kat".

"Kat" is one of my book club sisters... She is the ultimate guru, who's about to turn 50, and she just won a 10 day all expenses paid trip to Hawaii, for being the best doggone employee on the planet...

Now that's a prize, ya'll.

Really though.

Well anyway, Kat walked up to me at Saturday's book club meeting over at the Mechanicsville Library near downtown Atlanta, and says that she saw something on my blog about some tapes.

"The Librarian Mixtapes?" I asked, just shocked that she walked over and said something to me...

You gotta understand, this woman is like "Walking Wisdom" or something. Every word she speaks is profound and completely off the charts!! It took me a minute to fully decipher what she was saying. I just knew there was a metaphor, a key to life, an answer to some deep probing question, a solution to some world problem, a much needed piece of scripture, something in what she had said to me...

You gotta understand, when Kat speaks, we ALL catch a freakin' crook in our necks trying to hear what she's trying to say!

No, she was just commenting on my blog post and the songs on those Librarian's CDs...

"You want me to make you some CDs, Kat?"

"Sure!" she said.

Well, I had to think REAL long and REAL hard about what songs to actually give her. I now have over 144 hours worth of music on my laptop, and it will be hard to narrow down all of that to 50 songs. I will most definitely supply her with copies of the The Librarian Mixtapes, that's for sure. But I knew I wanted to make her something extra special for her trip. I knew one thing: there had better be some positive songs on those CDs, since she's always on the positive tip. I've never made a Disco CD before, and I wanted to give her something that would remind her of her Afro sportin', bell-bottom kickin' days.

And you know, she is going to Hawaii with her husband, her boo...

You know she gotta have some slow romantic ish!!!

Really though!!


So these CD's are for you, Kat! Got you a nice little carrying case and er'thang!!

I'm also throwing in a best of Luther mixtape, and a best of the O'Jays mixtape... And I am trying to negotiate with Cowgirl Cre right now for her to bring all of her Stevie Wonder CDs in... so we can get a best of Stevie Wonder CD together...

That should get you straight through that looooong plane ride.

It's the least I can do. You truly inspire me...

Really, you do.

Enjoy!! And I will get these to you at the Journal writing meeting on Sunday!

The Positive and Mellow Kat!

1. People Make the World Go Round - The Stylistics
2. That's the Way of the World - Earth, Wind, and Fire
3. Everlasting Love - Rufus and Chaka Khan
4. Keep your head up- Chaka Khan
5. Keep Your Head - Mary J. Blige
6. Keep on Moving - Soul II Soul
7. Now that we Found Love - The O'Jays.
8. Ain't Nobody - Chaka Khan
9. Let's Stay Together - Tina Turner
10. Outstanding - The Gap Band
11. I'll be Good - Rene and Angela
12. Come into My Life - Joyce Sims
13. Ascension (Remix) - Maxwell
14. Sign Your Name Across My Heart - Terrence Trent D'Arby
15. Theme from Mahoghany - Diana Ross
16. Holding Back the Years - Simply Red
17. Many Rivers to Cross - Oleta Adams.

Disco Kat on the Dance Floor!!

1. Boogie Wonderland - Earth, Wind, and Fire/The Emotions
2. Don't Leave me this way - Thelma Houston
3. He's the Greatest Dancer - Sister Sledge
4. Disco Nights - GQ
5. Knock on Wood - Amy Stewart
6. Push Push in the Bush - Musique
7. You make me feel Mighty Real - Sylvester
8. Fly Robin Fly - Silver Convention
9. I will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
10. The Groove Line - Heat Wave
11. Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now - McFadden and Whitehead
12. Car Wash - Rolls Royce
13. Thank you (Falletin me Be Mice Elf Agin) - Sly and the Family Stone
14. Disco Inferno - The Tramps
15. Last Dance - Donna Summer
16. Got to Give it up - Marvin Gaye
17. Theme from Shaft - Isaac Hayes

The Slow Moving Kat...

1. A Dream - Debarge
2. My Funny Valentine - Chaka Khan
3. Betcha By Golly Wow - Phyllis Hyman
4. There you Go- Johnny Gill
5. I want you - Marvin Gaye
6. The Beautiful Ones - Prince
7. Promises Promises - Christopher Williams
8. Do you still love me - Me'Lisa Morgan
9. Love under new management - Miki Howard
10. Wishing on a Star- Rolls Royce
11. Is it Good to you -
12. Your smile - Rene and Angela
13. Love don't live here anymore - Rolls Royce
14. Reasons - Earth Wind and Fire
15. Distant Lover (Live) - Marvin Gaye


  1. Anonymous10:24:00 PM

    You have defintely missed your calling! Chemist? You are a writer in every sense of the word and until that first book is published you can supplement your income by making CD's! I was laughing sooo hard I think the people in my office thought I was having some kind of attack. It was hilarious to read what other people think about someone... words of wisdom??? Not sure if you want it, but I think you have a friend for life. Husband is excited about the tapes and is already declaring that we will play them at the 50th bash!!!! Thanks much, Kat...(not Oscar-Tyrone)

  2. I'm in love with Oscar!

    DJ Leezie? LOL...I smell a radio blog....Good job girlfriend...I love all of those jaams...

    * scratch* Take it on back to the old school!

  3. @ The Wise Obi-One Kanobi, Kat...

    Hey, hope you enjoy those... you got at least 10 hours worth of music there... you should be straight... Really, though.

    I think it suprised you that I said that it shocked me that you even came up and said something to me... don't feel indicted, didn't mean anything by that!

    It's sort of like the Queen of England walking up to you on the street and asking for a stick of gum... We would ALL be deeply awed at such an event! LOL!!

    You always dropping soooo much heavy knowledge...

    Makes this oldgirl want to scream, after one of your profound utternances...

    "Damn, you make a lot of sense!!"

    But you know me... always the quiet one, sitting off in the cut trying to soak it all up...

    I can at the very least hook you up with a few tunes!!


  4. @My personal DJ, DJ DIVA aka... THE ORACLE...

    The baddest DJ on the planet?

    The Diva herself?

    Approves of these tunes?

    *Lee bowing to the ground so fast and hard that her lips kiss the hard concrete*

    I'm not worthy!!
    I'm NOT worthy!!

    So, um... check it out, DJ... so that means you'll let me play with your turntables, right?

    *Ladylee catching a broken record upside the head*

    I didn't think so... my bad.

    But glad you like, hon...

    That means a lot coming from you!

    Really though!!

    *Leezie shedding a tear*

    (And no... you still can't be an Original Oldgirl... go sit on the curb with S23!!!)


  5. My co-worker has a cat that looks just like that one on your blog. You listed some pretty good music there. I not up on the Kat's Mixtapes though.

  6. Anonymous6:20:00 AM

    damn i want this CD!!!
    I love this music and i'm only 30 :)


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