Thursday, August 31, 2006

He didn't do it... Go figure.

You've seen this man all over the news, so I'm not going to even type out his name. Afterall, in a couple of week's time, he became a household name.

Question: Am I the only one who thought that this dude was lying about murdering J.on Rams.ey?

It really unnerved me just to see him on television. I mean, I could tell that he was a few sandwiches short of a picnic. All of his cups were not in the cupboard. The elevator did not go all the way to the top floor.

Bump that. Homeboy's Elevator was busted... broken... out of order.

I found it interesting how the media dug waaaay back into this man's past and dug up ALL kinds of dirt on him. After hearing all of the stuff about the child po.rn, the broken marriages to young girls and his search for a sex change...

And worst of all, his intense fascination with the Jo.n Ram.sey case... I have only one word for him...


He got so wrapped up in the case that he convinced himself and others that he was the killer.

All of the DNA tests came back negative. Go figure. I was not suprised.
He worked it all out where he got his 15 minutes of fame.

He got his 15 minutes of fame. He got the attention he wanted.

And now...

He's nothing more than a footnote.


  1. First!! LOL Yeah, I thought this dude was a nut case. I also didn't think he was guilty either. He looks...strange, though. I'm tripping his family was already jumping about doing a book deal! They SAID it was to pay for court costs. What do you think?

  2. @ Kayla...

    You said "He looks... strange."

    Strange ain't even the damn word...

    You know, his family hasn't seen him in YEARS. They didn't even know where dude was. I don't know if I would be paying for court costs if you sitting up there "confessing" to ish.

    Anyway, they got him on some child po.rn charges in California, but he'll only probably only serve a few months...

    ...then he will be back on the streets, a free man again. Geez.

  3. He look like a damn Radio Shack manager with the short sleeves and neck ties? WTF This was so obvious but the more alarming thing is how he continued to get jobs with kids and damn warrants out for his arrest....go figure :)

  4. @K88, the Sneaker King...

    You are WRONG for that radio shack comment, man. Only you could think up something like that. Thanks to you, I won't be able to go into Radio shack without being creeped out!

    I do not profess to be a world class prosecutor, but I agree, it was obvious. I just KNEW they had some hardcore evidence, but dude was seriously delusional...

    Personally, I think they just wanted to arrest someone.

    And I am glad that it is ALMOST out of the news.

  5. I wasn't surprised either.

    This guy just wanted a free ticket out of Thailand.

    It kills me the media coverage he got. He's a nutcase. A straight up nutcase. Can you imagine how much money the State of Colorado had to pay for this "investigation". They could've asked me and I wouldn't have charged a thing to say: he didn't do it.

  6. How come they were able to find out all about his pedophilia activities but he was never arrested for none of that?

    and you know what he was doing over in Thailand...notorious for it's child prostitutes....I'm just disgusted!

    He needs to have the same operation Tyrone had!

  7. @That oldgirl Chele...

    You know, I didn't think about the free ticket out of Thailand. And did you see how he left Thailand? He was flown back first class, no handcuffs, lunched on prawns, and sipped champagne...

    WTF? Hell, if WE get arrested, they gonna have us in the orange jumpsuit, shackled down,sitting off in the cargo area...


    @ My personal DJ, DJ Diva...

    Uh you had Tyrone (the cat) neutered right???? LOL!!!!!

    Yeah, he may need to be neutered too. He was living in Thailand, the child prostitute capital of the world. Even got a job teaching 2nd grade. Damn!!!

    But I like your neutering idea a lot!!

  8. I'm mad they brought all of this case back into the limelight. They will never find the killer and her family has to keep going through this crap. I was trying to figure out why he kept getting teaching jobs when he is clearly nuts.

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