Thursday, August 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Kentucky!!!

Today is my baby sister Kay a.k.a. Kentucky's birthday!!

She is 25 years old today!

That's a whole quarter century old!

(Geez... I would never tell her that... She would have a freakin' stroke!)

I don't write about her as much as I write about my brother Milk and Cookies... She is a quiet Diva, who walks very gingerly around me, and she is quite careful not to get involved in anything that I can write about on my blog... it soooo embarrasses her!!

But there are times that she does... do silly stuff!

Here is a list of all the past posts where Kentucky is the subject at hand...


I remember the day that Kay was born.

Kay decides to try out the world famous lemonade diet.

Kay gets called up for jury duty.

Kay's distress over the antics of my gay black neighbors who live in the house to the left of me.

Have a Happy Happy Birthday "Kentucky". I love you, gal!!


  1. Hey I now have regrets older than 25 :) Happy B day to Kay and Happy belated 1 yr blog anniversary to you :)

  2. @ that Sneaker king K88...

    Oh how I WISH I could see 25 again! Goodness.. and thanks for coming by the bloggersary party all late...

    here's your glass of kool-aid and a pair of 1980 Vintage all star converses... take those and go stand in the corner!! LOL!!


  3. Ohhh 25. Girl, I would love to be 25 and know what i know now/ Shoot...I could change some things big time!

  4. happy birthday to sister!

    thank you for coming back. i hadn't heard from you in a while!

  5. I'm supadupa late, but tell Kentucky I said, "Happy Belated!"

  6. Happy Birthday Kay! You and Milk and Cookies got the best birthday gifts ever on the day you were each born the baby sister and baby brother of the infamous and extremely FAB-O-LUS Ladylee! I hope this birthday was a blast for you and that you got some present from someone that measured up to even half the the present you received the day you were born.

  7. Anonymous10:09:00 AM

    I love you too, big sister. I do read your blogs. I just don't tell you, it is my favorite pasttime at work.

  8. LMAO@the lemon diet. BWAAHAHAHA...poor little diva. oh well, lesson learned.

    happy birthday kentucky!

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