Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Freestyles... The Rainy Day Edition

It is Friday...

Rewind. It is a RAINY Friday here in my beloved ATL.

And that picture is exactly how it looks in my city today. This is not nice during morning rush hour. Not at all.  Here in the ATL, we drive FASTER in the rain. I'm not sure what that was about. This morning my short commute was me driving behind a wide load vehicle, and everybody was trying to get out of his way, so that worked out fine for me. There are several skyscraper condominiums going up around my job, so street closings were more of an issue than anything.

But I am looking forward to the weekend. I took yesterday off, totally by mistake. I woke up late, and my sister was going walking, and you know how it goes... I figured since she is leaving soon, I'd go with her.

I live around a mile from the ATL zoo, which is inside a large park. It has a nice trail, which I've never walked. (I go up there for the Farmer's market on Sundays, which is along the trails, but that's about it.  But what's good is that there's a nice park about a couple of blocks from my house with a nice walking path.
One of my neighbors told me about  it, but I've never  investigated. My sister has been walking down there, so I walked with her. It is a beautiful park, with a full baseball field, huge playground and swings, and a pavillion. Who would've thought that there would be such a nice park in the middle of the hood?  I'm glad my sister went down there and investigated. It's a new walking spot for me from now on...

I was so tired afterwards that I didn't feel like changing for work. So we spent the rest of the day together. I took her to a local butcher shop in a nearby Alpine village that I like, and we stopped by my favorite gourmet grocery store (where she likes to go anyway since I took her a couple of months ago). We came back and watched television. She finally watched 12 Years a Slave, which completely unnerved her. That was the second time I'd seen it, and I didn't realize how well that movie was shot.

But I'm back at work now... I have a ton of paperwork going on. I have 100 pages of data. I've spent the morning organizing that for a data package. This is more tedious than I care for. But oh well... gainfully employed.

This weekend I have nothing planned. It's supposed to rain, and I'm just looking forward to being in the bed. And I will probably be following my sister around as she gets ready to go. Sigh.

It's gonna be alright. I am just trying to be helpful, any way I can.

And that is all I have to say about that.

Movie of the Week. This has been my favorite movie this summer:

My sister and I watch a TON of movies, but this is one I saw on netflix alone, and I told her, "Hey, you gotta see this movie." She liked it, too. So when someone wants a good movie, I tell them to peep that one. It's a good rainy day movie. I may watch it again this weekend since it's gonna be all stormy and dreary.

CDs of the Week.   

I don't care for current Atlanta/southern rappers, but I really like the new Travis Scott CD.... 

Does it have a name? I have no idea. I like his production skills. And I can at least understand what he is saying. Not something I will listen to everyday. I yanked a couple of songs and put them on my rap playlist. Good enough.

That's it for ME. Hope all is well with YOU!

And have a good weekend... on purpose!

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