Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ten Tuesday Thougts


How on earth did YOU let me go a whole week without posting anything?

I blame YOU.

LOL. No I don't. I have been busy. I had to write some reports that were due this very moment. I am done with that and I am idle!

(Only for a few moments, though. Back to the lab!)

Not before I kick my 10 Tuesday thoughts, though.

1. It is a dreary day in the ATL. And it's not hot. Good for me. And good for my light bill.

2. My sister is still here. She's still waiting on that work visa. There are some islamic holidays right now, so forget about it. I know she's ready to go, but I like having her here. And my prayer has been God don't let her go until it is time for her to go. Amen. 

3. My work group has a standing 9:00 am meeting every Tuesday. There's nothing worse than rushing to work for a meeting and the meeting is canceled. I always initially think Dang, I could've stayed in bed a little longer. But the good side of this is that I get to leave at 5 pm today. I hate traffic, but I live only 4.6 miles from my job so an extra 5 minutes spent in traffic is cool.

4. I was moving so fast this morning that I neglected to bring lunch. Sigh. So I need to walk to get something. This would be great if it wasn't a nasty icky rainy day outside. This limits my choices. Can't walk too far!

5. I mailed out the 10th bloggaversary sweepstakes prizes to the winners last week. If you haven't gotten your gift cards, you better say something! Say something if you have, also. I've only heard from 2 people. So the other 3 better say something! I have the tracking info... guess I better sit down and plug all the tracking info in.

6. I hate admitting it, but I don't like when I call about my mortgage or credit card and I'm clearly speaking to someone who is in India. I hate not understanding what they are saying. I wish I could talk to someone who spoke clear english with no accent. Better yet, I wish so many jobs weren't outsourced.

7. My boss was telling me how he ate butter sandwiches as a child and how good they were. Sir, they may have been good, but that meant you were poor as hell.

8. He said they sprinkled seasoning salt on the sandwiches. I said you were still poor... with a little flair.

9. I tell myself often that I live in astonishing abundance. Astonishing.

10. I saw a documentary the other day that made me think this is true. It was a documentary about how the media shapes how we think about everything. They literally shape our perspectives on a subliminal level.  If you don't think this is true, sit down with a refugee who has had to grab up their family and run for their lives with nothing but the clothes on their back.

Sit down with them and tell them your money problems, personal problems,etc...

And you're realize just how silly you sound and how rich you are... 

I live in a nice house. And I can control the temperature of that house. I can store food at the temperature I like. I can pick the clothes I want to wear every day. I can wash my clothes and dry them in machines. I have a phone in my house. I can choose which car I want to drive.

I could go on... and on. But I won't.

I read in a book last year that someone in a third world country can't tell the difference between you and Bill Gates.

Hmmm.... take a moment and let that one marinate.

Leaving you with a little food for thought, eh?

With that said, have a great Tuesday... an astonishingly great Tuesday.


  1. I was just thinking about Kentucky. I was wondering if she was still here. Enjoy every minute with her.

    1. Still here... waiting on her work visa, and that's it. Slowed up in UAE. :(

  2. #7&8 had me cracking up!! You were still poor! Did you tell him that?

    1. Yes I did!!

      That was some poverty right there. We use to make toast with butter. But dayum... a butter sandwich. I have heard it ALL. It sure made me think, though.

  3. Someone in a third world country can not tell the difference between me and Bill Gates. Wow!! If I think about it, I am blessed. Using your word, "astonishing" blessed. I need to remember that!!

  4. Anonymous5:01:00 PM

    Regarding the riches of living in the U.S. The way explain it ; in America the 'poor' receive food stamps. In other countries the poor have no food.

    Got my card today.
    Thank you.


  5. Ladylee,

    I was going to make a comment that turned into a blog post so check out my latest post please. Feel free to comment or post in response.
    Talk at ya.

  6. When I went to the DR and heard they make $5 a day and that's balling, I had to say thank you God because even on my poorest days, and there have been some days where a butter sammich would have tempted me, but I have never had a job and only made $5 a day


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