Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Ten Tuesday Night Thoughts

1. I was at work today looking like...

Staring off into the distance, looking at nothing.  Why? Because...

2.  I was laid up most of the weekend looking like this:

All stretched out, toes flexed, and but-nekked at times like ol' Mitch here. It was a lazy holiday weekend indeed.  But never fear, much got done.

3. I bought the winners' gift cards this weekend. It was easy enough. I just needed to go to the right place. I was also able to buy hard envelopes and thank you cards. I don't do well when I have to run all over the place looking for everything, but I was determined to do so this weekend. And it all worked out. So your cards should be mailed by the end of the week. I will email you or announce here. GLORY!

4. Lucy Junior was washed this weekend. She was filthy! She was hollering "Oldgirl, wash me!!!" I sprayed the carpets and cleaned up the minimal stains. Lucy Junior is good as new! Almost.

5. Lunch today was bootleg today. Salad greens with sliced zuchinni. I ran out of tomato and cucumber. Make due with what you have, man. Really.

6. I bought a new phone this weekend! Samsung Galaxy Note 5!

Pure Awesomness. That is all.

7. Sister Callie Jo and Mitch fought hard this weekend.

This is the norm, and it gets on my everlasting nerves.


8. I missed The Cowgirl Cre's family and friends cookout down in the country. I didn't go this year. I got lost going down there last year and had to be led back to the freeway super late last year. So that was too much for me.  Sigh.

9.  You best believe I parked my behind on the sofa this weekend and watched those Williams sisters play tennis.

10.  And you best believe that I will be watching the match tonight. I hate that two sisters have to go against each other.  But this will be their 26th time playing against each other, so this is nothing new. Not at all.  With that said... GO SERENA!

That is it for 10 Tuesday Thoughts!

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