Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Happy 11th Anniversary to MEEE!!

Check it out...

Today is my House Anniversary.

I have been in my house for 11 years!

I could find only one early picture of my house.

I know I have some more around. I think I only have this one because I didn't have a digital camera or a camera phone. Both of those devices are common place now.   I have to look around for some more, because I have a small photo album of it as it was being built.

That was October 2005. Here it is today!

The bushes are taller. And I had it painted around a year and a half ago. But overall it looks the same.

One of my goals is to get the roof extended over the trellis area. I don't do anything fancy with the trellis (I imagined these wonderful ivy or roses going on). So I would love to get the roof extended. There is a house across the street from mine that's just like mine and they had it done. I should've gotten the fella's number that did it some 8 years ago.

But I love my home. I love the location. It is not a big house, but there is just me, and I basically live downstairs. (I rarely go upstairs, as my master bedroom is on the bottom level). That has to change. I have always pondered moving upstairs, especially for the fall and winter months. My sister stayed with me for 5 years, and that was always her domain. She was upstairs and I was downstairs.

Like I said, I love my home. I lived in the area (about 1/2 a mile away) some 22 years ago when I was in graduate school. I always thought if I could catch a house in the area in the future I would definitely get it, no doubt.

So happy I did!


  1. Unityfalls1:54:00 PM

    Happy House Anniversary!!


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