Thursday, January 21, 2016

A LadyLee Adventure: Uber Eats

So this past Wednesday, I decided to do something adventurous for lunch. I decided to try Uber Eats.

This is a part of the Uber brand. We all know about Uber, and how it's much better than a cab. I'm surprised that they haven't ran the taxi businesses out of business. I have taken Uber a couple of times myself. It is nicer and cheaper, that's for sure.

But within the uber app in certain cities, there's the Uber Eats option. I never paid it any attention but for some reason earlier this month, I came across an article or something related about it. I decided to try and use it this week. And I'm glad I did.

It is available from 11 am to 2:00 pm in the downtown and Midtown Atlanta areas. I work in the heart of midtown, so that works out well enough. There are 5 or 6 lunches or desserts to choose from, ranging from $3 to $12 (those are the prices I've seen thusfar). So you pick what you want from the app and an ubereats driver brings it to you. They have many of the meals in hot or cold storage packs or something like that. You just have to run out to the curb and get it.

Easy enough.

I perused the choices in my area and I made my order.

(That's a picture after the fact. You see the bowl is empty.

I ordered the Singapore noodles from a vietnamese restaurant on the north side/Asian side of town.

Woooo wee... that was some GOOD eating. All they needed to do was throw a cup of veggies over in there. But it was good. It was hot.  And I had a coupon.  My meal was $5!

The meal came to my job in about 2 minutes flat. I was leaving the cubicle area when I noticed on the app that the car was coming up the street on the side of my building. I had to step double-time to catch it at the front of my building. The driver was already parking her car.

I will be ordering that again once it comes back up in rotation. Yeah!

This uber eats is a good idea and option, especially when it's too cold or raining out. I will be using it again.


  1. Looks good! What a great idea.

  2. Oh how convenient. That is a great niche to work


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