Wednesday, January 13, 2016

LadyLee's Favorite Gospel CD

I know I listen to quite a bit of ratchetness...

But someone asked me if I like Gospel music. Yes I do. I have a playlist of around 100 of my favorite songs. I just don't come across a lot of gospel music, It's always been my routine that when I hear a gospel song I like, I pull up the CD. Usually, that is the ONLY song on the CD that I like. That bothers me.

With that said, because of that, I can't say that I have bothered to dig around for some good gospel music. I have clung to my nice little gospel playlist. I will sometimes leave my satellite at home on the channel that plays black gospel. I will hear a song I like, then I will go look for it on my spotify and add it to my playlist. That's as far as that goes. I will also grab whatever other songs off that CD that I like.

Hence, my 100 song playlist. Put that on random and I good. Edified and uplifted all day long.

There is one CD I will listen to from top to bottom... Deidrick Haddon's League of Xtraordinary Worshippers

Here are a few songs I like:

That last song makes me want to do church spins and church jogs in my cubicle. If I want to wake up, that's what I play right there.

This year I may make a better effort to find more gospel songs and not get stuck on my favorites. I am more than sure that there's lots of great gospel music out there. And I can find it!

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  1. Have you checked out Pandora's Gospel stations. They have quite a bit. I usually listen to Today's Gospel and Gospel Today (yes that is 2 different stations). In fact, I have it playing right now in my office.


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