Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Twelve Tuesday Thoughts

Here we go with the Tenn Tuesday Thoughts!

1. I was out of town last week for training. I bet you didn't even know, did you?

2. On January 10th, I did all of my posts for the week. This is why they were so short and random.

3. LadyTee spent the night before taking me to the airport on January 11th. That was fun. It felt like we were 10 years old.

4. She looked at me crazy when I said I was going to sleep upstairs.

"You gonna leave me upstairs?" she asked.
"Yep," I said.
I have a king sized bed downstairs and it didn't bother me to sleep down there with her. I just know if I sleep upstairs, I am more apt to get up at the time that I want to get up. I don't know what that's about. But I wanted to be sure that I wasn't running hard for my airplane.

5. I flew to San Francisco for a 3 day training course. That meant traveling all day Monday and all day Friday.  I had layovers each way. Those were some LONG flights. Wow!

6. I had a layover in Las Vegas. Why the heck do they have slot machines AT the airport, right as we get off the plane?

What the world??

I didn't play. I don't do slot machines. I like poker. So if there was a  card table when I got off  the plane... let's just say that would've have been a great 1.5 hour layover.

7.  They even have the police in San Francisco!!

I  saw this caw while I was waiting for the rental car shuttle. I made sure to sit on the bench and be extra quiet.  I held my luggage tightly, and I was on my best behavior. There is no way I wanted any mess with the police so far from home.  No way. No sir.

8. I was glad to get to my hotel. I'd arrived at the ATL airport at 9:00 am eastern time, and made it all the way to my hotel by 9:00 pm Pacific time. I was tired, but it was one of the few times while traveling that I had good stamina. I was glad of that. I slept pretty good, too.

9. I rented a Prius. I went back and told the people that the car didn't work. They said just put it in drive and it would go. And it did. Just strange that a car switches over to whisper queit electric when it is in park or at a stop. That was unnerving but I got over it in a few days.

I like bigger cars now.  But this car was nice and zippy, just like my Protege Pam.

10. I am always happy to go to airports that are smaller than Atlanta's airport, as it isn't such a huge undertaking to get to the terminals and gates!

11. On the way back to Atlanta, I had a layover in Los Angeles. I just KNEW I was gonna see some movie stars! But I realized quickly that I would not, for I was flying Southwest Airlines. Ain't no way anyone with some real money gonna fly that airline. I felt like we were treated like cattle. I want the flights back on Delta, where I can pick my seat instead of first come, first serve. I don't care to sit in middle seats AT ALL. 

12.  I had a great time in San Francisco.  But this mini- jet lag issue I have right now... ugh.  It is most definitely for the birds, honey.

Really tho.

That's it for Twelve Tuesday Thoughts.

More interesting posts about my week in San Fran to come :)

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