Thursday, January 07, 2016

Ten Thursday Night Thoughts

1. This week has gone by in a whirlwind. Usually I am happy about that, but I have not been able to log any time in the laboratory.

2. Why have I not been able to log any time in the lab? It's because I'm trying to do a very complicated travel authorization. We have a new system for doing this and it's giving everybody problems.

3. I do what I can and keep it moving.  Not my fault that the system is janky. I've been hung up on trying to explain why I need a rental car, because the taxi fees are around $250-$400. Lord have mercy. No one wants to believe me. I think I proved it all today. (Glory!)

4. I am learning that it is NOT a good idea to try to travel after the holidays. Everybody is still trying to get back in the groove. Including myself.

5. I've eaten pretty clean this week. Lots of fruit and vegetables, lots of leafy greens. I am very much proud of myself for doing so. Lady M brought me a few ounces of homemade beer cheese potato soup. And then came the Cowgirl Cre with a plate full of gyro meat and salad. Ugh!  (I enjoyed the soup and the few slivers of meat I snatched from Cowgirl Cre's salad).

6. I still have to work on my water intake, though. Sigh. But I've been drinking a lot of hisbicus and roasted dandelion tea, though. And it's been giving my kidneys the business, lol.

7. I haven't been watching much news. I feel a little smarter and brighter due to that.

8. One night, I didn't turn on the TV at all. I listened to the radio. That was an awesome night. I really felt smarter and brighter that night.

9. Lucy Jr. was running rough on the way home. This means I have an ignition coil failure. This wasn't in my plans for tomorrow. Not at all.

10. I will take her in to get repaired first thing in the morning to the Lexus shop I like. If I have to wait more than an hour, I will just call Uber and take that to work. Uber is the BOMB. Whoever thought of it is a GENIUS!

Ha! That was a FAST 5 minute Ten Thursday night thoughts! I think I have 20 or 30 more thoughts to lay out.

But I won't put you through that.

Assuredly not!

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  1. Anonymous1:46:00 PM

    Glory...for Uber!



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