Monday, March 21, 2016

Changes in My Hood, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the street changes in my 'hood.

The streets are being changed from asphalt to bricks.

Quite fascinating. Much so because this is not an affluent neighborhood somewhere on the northside. I would expect that in such places. But this is downtown ATL.

So when I went to vote a couple of weeks ago, I saw the beginnings of it.  I vote at the local elementary school a couple of streets over from my house. I saw the gravel they put down before they put down the bricks.
I almost thought about driving over it, but that raised sewer would probably tare up the bottom of my car.  I  wanted to get to the entrance driveway of the school. Luckily they had exit driveway of the school open. We all had to figure out how to maneuver around.

But that looks like much work. And I wonder how people's trash get emptied, as this process is super slow.

I will worry about all that later.

I am not sure if they are hitting my street any time soon. But they have began marking and measuring the cross street near my house... hmm...

I know that this is for our massive flooding issues. My street doesn't have problems, but other streets do.

But there is a rumor that they are building some massive $20 million complex nearby. And my alma mater is buying the Braves stadium, which is a mile from my house, when the Braves move. They will most likely develop that area.


We will see where this all goes...

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