Wednesday, March 09, 2016

A Shady Sister Callie Jo

My male cat Mitch is such a sweet fellow... very laid back, rarely get into things.

Such a sweet, bright eyed-fellow.

He reminds me of Ol' Oscar Tyrone... sigh.

But that doggone Sister Callie Jo...

She is ALWAYS up to something. My sister thinks she is crazy yet gifted. I just think she is crazy.


LadyTee bought me a bamboo plant for my birthday. I cringed, because all of my plants are fake plastic plants. Anything else, and the cats will chew on them.

(What I find amazing is that Mitch and Callie chew on the fake plants. *crickets*. That's another story for another day).

Anyway, I thought about taking the real plant to work. That's what I do with my real plants... get them out the house real quick and take them to work.

But I figured I would put it up on the mantle. There's too much stuff for the up there for the cats to make a go for that plant.

Or so I thought...

In comes Sister Callie, with her, uh, gifted self.

She was sitting on top of a shoe box, which was sitting on top of their kennel. I don't know why I have the kennel in the house. I usually keep it in the garage. I never took it out after their last vet visit.

Anyway, she was sitting on top of the shoe box... and she was staring at me.

This went on for quite awhile. I only noticed because she never stays still for so long.


Then I saw her working out things in her mind: 

I was wondering what she was thinking. She was thinking about that bamboo plant on the mantel up in the upper right hand corner of the picture.

And then it happened...

She made a play for that plant....

I didn't even have to yell at her because that shoe box began wobbling as she tried to balance on the edge of it with her toes. And she stopped short of her goal.

I guess busting her tail on the floor wasn't an option.

Funniest thing ever.

I had a good laugh.

I laughed, but I also made a note to go ahead on and take that plant to work. I also moved the crate and shoe box.

I know she will work out some crazy plan to get a hold of that plant.

With her gifted and crazy self.


  1. Anonymous10:04:00 PM

    Sister Callie Jo is out of control!!!


  2. Callie Jo!!! She can do anything!! I am sure she is still trying to figure out your front door !!


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