Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ten Thursday Thoughts

I am not posting regularly, because I am so busy. But I can AT LEAST kick out some thoughts, right?

1. We have had fairly nice weather this week. It feels good to open the sunroof, let down the windows and let the wind blow through my hair.

2. Lucy Jr (My lexus) had a problem this week: whenever the car heated up, and I was at a stop sign, I would smell what I thought was oil burning. So I thought I had a leak.

3. I thought this because Pam has had a leak for 8 years, and I just make sure to regularly check oil  and add oil when needed. Normally I wouldn't care about a leak, but I would feel bad if Lucy Jr.'s engine blew up because of something serious. I really like that car.

4. So yesterday I took her in to be checked. It turned out that I'd run over a plastic grocery bag an it stuck to the exhaust pipe... and it is melting off when the car heats up. They pulled off what they could, but it has to just burn off. This means I have to deal with these noxious fumes. Yuck.

5. I don't recycle much, but that makes me want to recycle. It makes a strong case for it.

6. Yesterday was LadyTee's birthday.  Happy Birthday LadyTee!
That picture is probably 10 years old. I can tell because my grass doesn't look that good  anymore.

She still looks the same, though! The big 48 looks good on you, LadyTee.

We have been best friends close to 38 years. That is a long long time. 

7. This was the first year in the past 15 years or so that we haven't spent our birthdays together. It is due to me having these hard work hours right now. I can't even take off if I really need to, for fear of falling way behind. It pisses me off.

8. But when I get that "pissed off" feeling, I think of what The Cowgirl Cre says...

"These some good azz jobs!"

Yes they are. We have to remind ourselves of that because we are around a bunch of serial complainers... they too, having these same "good azz jobs".

9.  I also spend a good amount of time thinking about something my Grandfather said some 20 years ago.  Here's the convo.

"How's school, Lee?!"
"It's alright," I said.

I then went on to complain about how difficult it was. He sat quietly and listened, a frown clouding his face.

Then he said,"Your grandmama didn't get down on her knees and clean white peoples floors for $3 a day and cab fare so you could sit up here and whine and complain."

That shut me up right there. And when I get to whining, albeit to myself, his words come to mind.  Quickly and sharply.

And I shut up. 

10. Additionally, one of my rule is s in affect:  However much time I spend complaining, I BEST spend twice as much time in thanksgiving and gratitude.

I picked that rule up from reading the book of Psalms, as I noticed an interesting trend. David would wail about something, then spend time in gratitude and thanksgiving and praise. If he didn't have anything to be grateful for in his own life, he was grateful for something good that happened in the life of his ancestors.


That is it for ten Thursday thoughts.

Have a good evening!


  1. These are some good thoughts right here. Love your food for thoughts.

  2. These are some good thoughts right here. Love your food for thoughts.

  3. #7, pisses me off too for you. #8, true, good jobs, but those serial complainers are infectious!


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