Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Ten Tuesday Thoughts

Ten Tuesday thoughts!

While I sit here and scarf down my lunch. I hate taking precious time from the lab.

So here we go:

1. I feel like a 8 cylinder car that's running on 3 cylinders. And that is getting old real quick.

2. It is beginning to warm up outside. I think this might be a trick, though, and we have at least one more cold snap on the way.

3. I am sick and tired of this election cycle. Lord, please help us get through this messy election cycle. Please. Amen.

4. The Republican party continues to be a hot azz mess. And I don't even think the bottom of the barrel has been scraped yet.

5. I have to find someone to cut my grass because the local who cuts my grass is locked up, and he's been locked up for awhile.

6. I pay $15 for grass to be cut every two weeks. If I could get him out off jail for $15, I would go get him. But I take it that he did something really bad to be gone for the past 6 months.

7. Trump is bad but I think Cruz is much worse. Much worse.  Dude is a liar AND he was responsible for the government shutdown with no plan behind it. I wonder how many votes he'd be getting if he used his real first name (Rafael) instead of his nickname (Ted)? Hmm...

8. I am not worried about who will be in office because I will be alright.  I am always alright. By faith, amen.

9. I can't say this too many times: I AM GOING TO MISS PRESIDENT OBAMA WHEN HE LEAVES OFFICE. 

10. I have been dehydrated. Who woulda thought that it would be so hard to keep up with my water intake.
I must do better.  

That is it for Ten Tuesday thoughts. A bit sparse, but uh... it'll do.


  1. Good thoughts: #6 - hilarious. I need to find that kinda grass cutter. I pay $25.00.
    Totally agree with 7, 8, and 9.

    1. I have a name of someone, but I know it will not be THAT cheap, lol.

  2. We will take it. I stopped by here earlier today looking for a new post.

    1. Trying to get back on track...

  3. I can get with more than half your list. I have been tired more often than not lately. I tend to sleep/veg on the weekends because I feel like crap. I started taking supplements just not consistently. Drinking water is hard, I used to love drinking it now its a chore.

    As for the election, I have been voting since 1988 and this is one of the worst presidential elections.

    I will miss the Obamas dearly.

    1. We gotta drink our water, ma'am. Gotta. I am working on drinking a quart in the morning before work. At least I can get that much in...


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