Thursday, March 17, 2016

Of Camels and Bashes

So my sister Kentucky is getting adventurous over in the UAE.

We talk several times a week, usually while she is getting ready for work and I am getting ready for bed. (The UAE is 9-10 hours ahead of ATL time). 

She went on a "desert safari" a couple of weeks ago.

My face was tight as a fist when she talked about doing it.

"You know we can't come get you, right?" I said.

In other words... Why are you out doing dangerous stuff?

"You are NOT in Alabama, where I can come get you. So be careful," is my constant refrain.

So she sent me a picture of herself talking to a camel.

"That camel was upset," she said. "He was moaning and groaning."

Never mind him moaning and groaning. I was shocked at how big he was and she actually rode the thing.

"Why he got that thang on his face?" I asked.

"Because they sometimes spit and bite."


"Why in the world are you that close to him then?  Leave that thang alone!"

She laughed. "I was only trying to talk with him."

"Man... you know we can't come get you, right?"

She had a good time. She even went dune bashing, which cause me to groan, probably worse than the doggone camel.

I didn't know what dune bashing was, but it sounded... dangerous. So I looked it up.



What. In. The. World?

"Man, listen!"  I hollered. "You know we can't come get you, right? It ain't like you in Alabama where I can come snatch you up. You on the other side of the world."


She is on the other side of the world.

She is on other side of the whole entire world.

And she is doing things I will never get a chance to do. She can say that she lived abroad. And she really experienced the life and times of another culture.

So be it.

She can talk to all the camels and bash all the dunes she wants.

All I know is it is a chance of a lifetime, and I am proud of her for stepping out on faith and doing it.

And one more thing I know for sure:

I miss her so much.


  1. I'm so happy Kentucky is getting out enjoying life. I too always wanted to live abroad..not forever but maybe for a year or two..I still might one day...there's still plenty on my bucket list that I'm not discounting yet!

    this post reminded me that we should go after our dreams and hearts desires-even if someone else disagrees or thinks we're crazy. there is one thing I still plan on doing that a lot of people probably will think I'm crazy for doing, but I'm not going to let that stop me and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. so thank you for the reminder.

    I love the closeness that you and Kentucky share. I hate you miss her but love her sense of adventure.

    Now go get online and start planning that trip to go see her this summer!

  2. Let's update our passports and go for a visit!

  3. I'm going with yall Green Eyed Bandit! lol...


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