Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ten Thursday Thoughts

Here we go again... Thursday Thoughts

1. I have been  SUPER busy... too busy to post, even. This has to stop, because blogging is one of the few therapeutic things I do. Sigh.

2. I ate a seedless orange the other day. That bothers me on so many levels. I didn't  know such a thing existed, and I bet it is GMO to the max.

3. I early voted today. No wait. Took me all of 5 minutes. Now that's what I'm talking about.

4. Trump is doing a bunch of dog whistling, i.e., urging his folks to go down to the polls and do a little "poll watching".

5. And that is why I early voted. These jokers trying to start some 1965 riots or something. This is 2016. Get your life.

6. Lunch today: raw coconut corn and yoshi rolls from Tassili's Raw Reality.

That was good. I need a nap now. On my sofa, with the tv playing low. Doze off, wake up, doze off, wake up... continue.

7. I didn't leave work until 9 pm last night. And the sad part is that I needed a couple of more hours to finish what I was doing.

8. I am dehydrated. I'm not sure why I keep letting that happen, but I had a splitting headache yesterday. When that happens, that means I haven't drinking enough water for the past couple of days. Sigh.

9. I thought YESTERDAY was Thursday. I hate when I get my days mixed up.

10. With that said, I can't wait for the weekend!!

That's it for 10 Thursdays Thoughts!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

TWO Thursday Thoughts

How about Two Thursday thoughts. TWO.

1. I am ready for this campaign to be over. I try to listen to both candidates, but right now, I'm just mentally tired.

However, I did see a flow chart that caught my attention. This makes as about as much sense as anything else.  
That explains the foolishness going on more than anything else.

Which brings me to Thursday Thought #2... Which also happens to be the Quote of the Week, and eerily related to what's been going on:

2. Quote of the Week.

Hmmm... sit and let that marinate.

Have a great evening..

Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Funnies

That look I get from Callie Jo and Mitch when I sneeze too hard...

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday to you!

And I have a post I meant to put up on Monday or Tuesday!

Shame on me. Oh well.

Anyway, I have been eating raw for the month. I am near the halfway point, and it seems to be going well enough.

My goal this weekend was to explore a couple of raw restaurants, one I am familiar with and a new one.

So I'd been itching for some raw nachos from Lov'n it Live, a raw spot down in East Point.

Got 'em!

And they were GONE. I finished those off... quickly.

For later on in the week, I bought some raw lasagna. I wanted to try this because my sister had been talking about it. Now my sister is FINICKY. And when my sister likes something, you better jump a fence, catch a train and steal a car to get to it...

So I did all that... and I got it!

Ooooooooh weeeeeee! It was good. And it lasted awhile. Good stuff.

My FAVORITE find this weekend was a restaurant a couple of miles from my house:

Tassili's Raw Reality... 

One word: FANTASTIC!!

I had some great raw corn, raw okra and raw "Stir-fry".

(There is that Callie. Her facial expression says... something. I don't think she was as enthused as me).

Not sure how they did that. But it was GREAT.

I had some raw cake also.

Blew me away. Not sure how they pulled that off, but I am not surprised. I have had raw apple pie and other raw desserts in the past.

Now, the most interesting meal I had from there was a kale wrap. I wanted it wrapped in a coconut wrap (not eating wheat right now), but they were out of those. So they wrapped it in SEAWEED. 

It looks a little scary. Seaweed. I've only had that as part of my sushi California rolls.

But it was filled with some goodness... kale, tomato, avocado and whatever else!


It was enough for 2 meals. And I mean I was FULL.

I'm so glad I found a raw spot so close to my house. I have to make sure I regulate myself though, where I don't spend all my spare change up in there. Let's just say I have been up in there 4 times since Saturday. Hmmm....

So it was a good exploration.

I am so happy I ventured out. I found some places where I can kick a little variety into my raw month.

Friday, October 07, 2016

Friday Freestyles



And it is PAYDAY!

I am suppose to get off at 6:30 pm. BUMP that. I blowing this joint a good 3 hours earlier. I am just waiting for some experiments to finish. Then bye!

Sometimes we get to leave an hour early the day before a holiday. People have been wondering if we will be getting off.

"No," has been my answer. "Because Columbus didn't discover America. He got lost!"

I  would like that hour, though. 

My boss isn't here. I found one of my coworkers, Dr. Ting, and asked if he was in charge of our group today...

"Dr. Ting, you in charge today?"

"No," he said "YOU in charge."

"Well I need to let somebody know that I'm blowing this joint!"

"Okay!" he hollered.

So... I'm not sure if he knew that I am leaving. Maybe I need to stop using slang.

(Uh, Nope).

I don't have much to say today.

But I did see a movie trailer that had me like... "Wait, what?"


I am STILL confused. And frightened.


I did see a movie that frightened me a couple of weeks ago. Don't Breathe.

That was a GREAT movie. But it scared me something awful. And I saw it in a Dolby theatre.

Nope, won't be seeing anything else in a Dolby theater. NOOOOO.

I want to see Birth of a Nation this weekend. Not sure I am in the mood for that. I would like to see Girl on the Train. We will see.

I have a lot of things I want to do this 3 day weekend. I need to make a list.

When I leave work, I'm going to the Farmers Market. I want some cilantro, watercress, swiss chard, dandelion leaves, and whatever else I can get my hands on. I am growing a bit tired of my kale, spinach and baby spring lettuce. Gotta go rogue for better greens.

Song of the Week. It is the 20th Anniversary of Outkast's ATLien CD. And it contains one of my favorite Outkast songs..."Elevators (Me and You).

I still bump Outkast's music. Yep!!

That is it for me. I am GHOST.

Have a good weekend. On purpose! 

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Ten THURSDAY Thoughts

Whoa...  I named this post Ten Tuesday Thoughts...

*runs back up to title and changes it*

Oh THE HORROR. Today is THURSDAY. Not Tuesday. That would be a shame, especially since tomorrow is payday. Heavens no.
1. I am ready for the weekend. I am mostly just ready for my paycheck.

2. You best hope I get something done tomorrow. The shades of mind are usually halfway down on Payday.

3. Today I went to get a haircut.  My hair is straight skint right now.

4. I told him not to cut it that low. But I don't care. I don't have to comb or brush my hair for the next couple of weeks. And that is a good thing.

5. I am loving the Luke Cage series on Netflix.

I have one more episode to watch. I will watch that this evening while I do my crocheting.

6. This has been a semi-productive week. I can at least be thankful for that.

7. I have been eating raw so far this October. I don't know if that is saying much though, since this is just October 6th.

8. Today's breakfast: a spinach, pineapple and pear smoothie. For lunch I had some kale salad that someone made. Not sure what is for dinner. I haven't had much of an appetite, but I will eat something. Maybe a salad.

9. I find it interesting that I am craving dandelion leaves, watercress, arugula, and swiss chard. I will run get some this weekend. Those will make make for some good smoothies. 

10. What's playing on my Spotify right now....

Oh my goodness... watching that video right now... It is so CHEESY!!

That's it for Ten Thursday Thoughts....


Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Happy 11th Anniversary to MEEE!!

Check it out...

Today is my House Anniversary.

I have been in my house for 11 years!

I could find only one early picture of my house.

I know I have some more around. I think I only have this one because I didn't have a digital camera or a camera phone. Both of those devices are common place now.   I have to look around for some more, because I have a small photo album of it as it was being built.

That was October 2005. Here it is today!

The bushes are taller. And I had it painted around a year and a half ago. But overall it looks the same.

One of my goals is to get the roof extended over the trellis area. I don't do anything fancy with the trellis (I imagined these wonderful ivy or roses going on). So I would love to get the roof extended. There is a house across the street from mine that's just like mine and they had it done. I should've gotten the fella's number that did it some 8 years ago.

But I love my home. I love the location. It is not a big house, but there is just me, and I basically live downstairs. (I rarely go upstairs, as my master bedroom is on the bottom level). That has to change. I have always pondered moving upstairs, especially for the fall and winter months. My sister stayed with me for 5 years, and that was always her domain. She was upstairs and I was downstairs.

Like I said, I love my home. I lived in the area (about 1/2 a mile away) some 22 years ago when I was in graduate school. I always thought if I could catch a house in the area in the future I would definitely get it, no doubt.

So happy I did!

Wednesday Funnies

I got a blessing today!

Someone left some grapes on my desk. Only they weren't grapes. They were muscadines.

I hollered, "I don't like muscadines, but these right here are free and they're a blessing! They are good!"

*ladylee chewing on fruit and spitting our hulls and seeds*

(Oh, and check out my screensaver. LOL)

Monday, October 03, 2016

Good FALL Monday

How on earth do I keep letting so much time go by and not post. I have plenty of post ideas. But I have let things slip off. Shame on me!

Oh my! I am so HAPPY that it is FALL!!!

I like fall. I don't have to turn on the air conditioner or the furnace. That means lower utility bills. GLORY!

(I don't know what I would do if some big deer were in my backyard like in the picture, tho.)

So it is Monday...and I go through the same thing I go through every Monday morning: looking for cats. I don't want them stuck in my bedroom all day (I close the door to my bedroom when I leave for work in the mornings). 

So there is a lot of:  "Ya'll up in here! GET OUT OF HERE!"

If they are, they usually scramble on out.

Because they know LadyLee is crazy.

When I don't see them, I go looking and I keep yelling.

And they trick me a few times a month. They sit silently on the beams over the living room and run back and forth.

And I know what they are thinking:

 "Watch this fool run back and forth. She won't even look up over her head."


As long as I know they are up there, I can just leave. 

I am looking forward to these cooler days. It seems like I'm not as flustered and I can think clearer.

Much clearer.

I am going to try to post all this week. Try.

Have a good week. On purpose.