Thursday, August 10, 2017

Atlanta Noir Book Party TONIGHT

So Newy is blowing down the comments concerning the next reading.

For some odd reason, I didn't even think to put it up here. I guess because I put it on Facebook...

Atlanta Noir Book Party
Charis Books in Little Five Points.
7:30 pm
Speakers: Jennifer Harlow, Alesia Parker, Gillian Royes and Sheri Joseph

Here's  the link: 

Atlanta Noir Book Party, Charis Books

And here's a bootleg pic of the flyer....

Can you read 0.002 sized font? I can't. If you can, then you are Superman or Wonder Woman. LOL

So I suggest you click that link.

If you're coming, see you there. Don't come late or you will not get in. There is a $5 suggested donation. Hmm... if you ain't got it, holler at me there and I got you.

Hope to see you there! The next one is at the Decatur Book Festival. I will post info about that soon!!


  1. I had a great time at the event. I heard from three new authors. I will have read them all by the DBF, hopefully.

  2. Please update me on The Decatur Book Festival. I got to support!


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