Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Freestyles


You know it's a good day when it's not raining cats and dogs. And you can open the sunroof of the Lexus!


You know it's a good week when you're folding clothes and a piece of currency falls out.

And it's NOT a $1 bill.


That was awesome. I immediately thought... I'm gonna SPEND that.

Especially since I was being way too lazy this morning with my snack preparation for the day.

How lazy is that? I usually slice up a pear or an apple, and some honeydew melon. I may even throw a strawberry or two over in there.

I didn't even remove the grapes from the stem.

I was running late and I just knew it was time to go to work. So that's all I had.

But it was good, though. Especially since I didn't have breakfast.

I had my $20 bill that mysteriously appeared in the dryer. And today is PAYDAY.

So I went out to lunch.

And I spent that money today at a new spot near the workplace... Babalus.

I've been there once before (last week). It's not all that. It is probably awesome for the midtown area, seeing that I have my favorite hole-in-the-wall tex-mex spots. NOTHING beats those spots.

Although they did have The Lucy Show playing up on the wall.

My favorite spots don't get down like that. I thought it was pretty cool. 

This is what I got, though.

One blackened redfish taco and two grilled shrimp tacos.

They were GOOD. That will be my go to menu item for now on. That and their Mexican street corn. That's some good stuff there!

But what I liked best was the glass of water I had. I asked for a side of lemon, but the waitress brought out lemon, lime, mint and blackberries.

That was GREAT! I will be rolling through there order more water with ALL of that!

And I will order one $3.75 taco.

I spent my $20. I was good and full. And I had to get back to work. I needed a good nap. STILL need a good nap. I will sleep well tonight, needless to say.

Atlanta Noir. Another reading in the books! We did some reading and discussion last night and it went well. It was shocking to see some peeps I did not expect to see. Thanks for coming out Aunt Ray-Ray and Erica! Ya'll shocked me. I'd been texting with Erica, but I was concentrating on getting there and reading. LadyTee and the fam came out, and that was cool. I read for a little longer (6 minutes instead of 4 minutes), and that was good, because I have one more reading and I can work on my delivery a little more.

I texted Tayari afterwards (she wasn't there).  She was all like "You didn't get any pictures?"

My answer: "No girl! I was trying to concentrate on reading!  Humph!!"


I enjoyed it. I will always remember this. I tell you that much. Even in my sad times, I will close my eyes and relive the moments!

New Haven Noir came out the same day as Atlanta Noir.

I may just go out and buy that one, too! 

Song of the Week. "Call Casting"  by Migos (parental advisory suggested for those with sensitive ears and hearts)

I like this song, but I like a dance troop's performance to the song. When I am feeling particularly sluggish, I watch this. It gives me energy. And wish I could move like them!

How funny is that? Whose apartment complex parking lot are they dancing in? Is that your complex, Ginae? Laura are they out in front of your apartment?

Just imagine being in the apartment and seeing them out there dancing. LOL.

Whelp. That's it for me! I have a writers group meeting tomorrow at a new location.  It will take me exactly 59 minutes to get there. So that means I need to get my money together TONIGHT. Make sure I have enough gas in my car TONIGHT. There is nothing worse then having to be on time somewhere far away and I have to stop for gas, stop for money, stop for breakfast. I am totally worn out by the time I get there.

So tonight I will get ready. I have to be there by 10:00 am, and the goal is to leave by 8:30 am.  So we will see how that works out.

You have a great weekend! On purpose! 


  1. Tacos look good. Glad the reading went well.

  2. That is funny, I do not know what I would do if I saw them. The video does make me want to get up and dance!!

  3. hahahahaha....if I saw them well I'd go outside and get a closer look that's what I'd do! you always find the best food in the ATL. I want to try some of these establishments.

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