Wednesday, September 07, 2005

100 Days... Still Missing.

100 days...

102 days to be exact.

And no one has seen or heard from Natalee Holloway.

Now, I know you're like, "Doggonit LadyLee, why the heck are you talking about Natalee Holloway?"

It's definitely not to make a desperate plea for you to call 1-800-... if you've seen her. Nothing like that.

Afterall, we've heard enough of that haven't we? We don't need the 800 number shoved down our throats once again, do we...

I know I don't.

This missing persons case was, I don't know... bizarre. It was quite strange to see that Aruban officials had to be forced to make the search for Natalee Holloway a priority. You see how they send out the calvary in the USA when a young pretty white woman disappears. In our beloved country, the authorities respond to reports of a young pretty missing white woman faster than authorities respond to national disasters. (Humph!!!). Heck, if I didn't know any better, I would have thought that Natalee Holloway was a missing poor young black girl in Aruba! Thank goodness for her mother's tenacity!

But something disturbed me about this case. If you can remember, Natalee was last seen on May 30, 2005 getting into a car with three guys: A young dutchman by the name of Joran van der Sloot and two Surinamese brothers, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe.

Stop right there. She was last seen getting into a car with three dudes...

Hmm... Last seen getting into a car with three dudes.

Hmm.... Who last saw her get into a car with three dudes?

Her homegirls, that's who. Her friends.

That kind of pissed me off...

I remember being 18 at one time. Hell, I was a wild girl from the ages of approximately 18-25. Just out there.

Don't gasp. Just think back to your days when you were just "out there":

Twerking it out.

But gee... I don't ever remember getting into a car, on USA soil even, with three dudes in the middle of the night that I'd met at a club. I don't care if I'd been partying with them all week. It wasn't even going down!


How can I say this as nicely as possible. Umm... Let's see.

...Because that meant a train was pulling into the station real soon, if you catch my drift.

And even worse, how can your homegirls let you jump in a car with three men?

What kind of friends were those?

You know the old saying. The rap group Whodini said it best in their song "Friends"...

"With friends like these, you don't need enemies!"

That just pisses me off.

Sure, I have friends that have left a club with a man. You best believe she was checking back in with somebody. Me personally, I haven't. I'm a little too scary for that. Give me your phone or beeper number and we'll hook up later when I can somehow feel comfortable that you are not some crazed serial killer or an ax murderer. That was my way of doing things back then. Even then, I'm calling up a friend and letting them know all kinds of info just in case I show up missing. I mean, we thought about that type of stuff.

I thought about my friends. I was the youngster in the crew back then, in the late 80's/early 90's. My friends would never have let me get into a car with three strange fellows. NEVER.

They're saying "Oh, they probably slipped her a date rape drug..." That's even worse. Her friends sat by and let her leave, in a supposedly drunken state with three strange guys. In a foreign country, no less.

Several times, I asked my best friend Lady Tee what she thought of the whole scenario. She said, "Girl, she's probably been doing that type of stuff on the regular, and her friends were like 'See ya later, Natalee!'."
I shiver at the thought.
So now she's missing. No let's just say it. She may no longer be with us.

The whole island of Aruba was turned upside down. Landfills were searched. A pond was drained. Duct tape containing hairs was examined. Two African-Aruban men were falsely accused. (That's when I knew something foul was going on. When two black men were arrested and held as suspects.)

Fast forward... present time. The cameras are now gone. Beth Holloway, Natalee's mother, left the island this past Monday. Joran van der Sloot left for college in Holland this week. The Kalpoe brothers are free to do their thing...

The media has got the hell on... Natalee is no where to be found. Looks like everyone has given up.

Now I am hoping an "Elizabeth Smart" moment happens, where Natalee is reunited with her family. No one should ever lose a child. It has to be just horrible. It's just not right. It leaves mental and emotional scars that will never be erased. I hope she is found alive.
And I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of any one of those friends that watched her get in that car with those guys. The pain they must feel of being able to hold her back, but for whatever reason, allowing her to go with those guys... I just can't imagine it.

But you know what really disturbs me? Deep down? There are many black and latino women who have been reported missing or have been missing longer than Natalee Holloway.
And you know what?
I can't, for the life of me, remember any of their names.


  1. Wow, Ladylee, you just opened my eyes to some things. I admit that, from the beginning, I never followed the Holloway case that closely at all. Guess it was my way of protesting the mainstream media for focusing more intensely on missing women if they happened to be young, white, and pretty.

    Anyway, I didn't know her girls just let her leave with those guys - but I guess that's not too surprising if they were "in the wind" themselves. Yeah, I remember those days myself, and if they were as messed up as we were, they probably didn't even think twice about her catching that train . . . hell, they may have just been waiting to leave the station themselves.

    Which brings me to my final point: the whole double standard at the center of this mainstream media hypocrisy is steeped in irony. For years - especially in the South - white women have been hailed as the paragons of human innocence and purity, but they tend to be the BIGGEST FREAKS!!! The fact that the Holloway girl left a bar in the middle of the night all by herself with three horny-ass teenage boys speaks volumes to that fact.

    How about THAT for perception vs. reality?

  2. Marcus,

    Yeah, this is a perfect case of perception versus reality! I saw a quote on about her: "sparkling eyes, long blond hair, and a heart for service". Portrayed as the perfect young lady, but that just wasn't reality, was it? She made a very wrong move, and now she's nowhere to be found.

    How could you not follow that case? It was practically shoved down our throats. The only reason I paid attention to it is because Aruba was treating this like a "little black girl lost" case. Her mom had to go to Aruba and talk a bunch of mess to get the Aruban authorities to pay attention. (She wouldn't have had to do that here in the good ol' USA, I bet). And then, when I heard her friends say what they said, I was mesmerized!

    And you know what? They will probably never figure out what happened to her...

  3. Anonymous11:33:00 AM

    I agree with you Ladylee. I was told as a child and I tell my children, "Don't talk to strangers." I wonder if she got the same talk. Or did she misunderstand and thought it was OK to get in the car with them, just don't talk to them. I doubt if this was the first time. Her mom is probably so distrought because she doesn't want to believe her daughter would do such a crazy thing. It took me a while to get in my boyfriend's car alone, and he's my husband now. I'm like you,, if I went alone with anyone, you better bet my peeps knew who it was, where we were going, model car, license tag and all that. It just takes that one time for something horrible to happen. I wish all these cases could turn out like Elizabeth Smart, but so many children and adults for that matter are not so blessed.

  4. Ms. Anonymous,

    I like the way you say "did she misunderstand and thought it was OK to get in the car with them". That's a nice political way to put it, and I hope that was the case. But unfortunately, I don't think that is the case.

    I'm 35 and I think I'm from a little more careful generation. I'm the scary type. "Don't talk to strangers" probably doesn't apply anymore past the age of 10. My 17-year old brother has told me many times that the girls his age are WAY more "out there" than I would have ever THOUGHT or even IMAGINED to be at that age! He said that they are MUCH more aggressive too. And that's frightening. I think this young lady got caught up in something awful, in a foreign country no less, and it ended tragically.


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