Saturday, September 24, 2005

I Miss Saturday Morning Cartoons :(

Wonder Twin Powers....

Just wanted to big up my favorite cartoon characters, Zan and Jayna, who appeared on the Cartoon series Superfriends in the late seventies...
And I'm sitting here, early on a Saturday morning, longing for the good ol' days, when I could watch good cartoons instead of the freakin' news on Saturday mornings!...


  1. Cowgirl Cre11:34:00 AM


    They were one of my fav too. I too miss those days.

  2. I used to love them too! I have a twin so that made it even better. Great blog.

  3. You ain't said nothin' but a word!

    No wonder kids today are getting into so much mess so young - they're parents can't park 'em in front of the TV for hours like ours used to! LOL

  4. What about Captain Caveman?
    Thandarr the Barbarian?
    School House Rock?

    I really miss those...

    Hell, I don't even eat cereal anymore.

    Wish I did.

  5. Hey all,

    Cowgirl Cre... If they brought back some of these cartoons instead of 3 hours of depressing tv news, Saturday morning ratings would SHOOT through the roof!!

    Ddot the King... Welcome to my blog, playa... Did you and your twin go around knocking fists? (LOL)

    Marcus: yeah, my mama use to park me in front of the television, too! (Thought I was the only one!! (LOL))

    Hasaan: Welcome, to my blog, dude... Please, Hasasn, stop naming those cartoons! You're gonna make me cry!!!

  6. Da'Kari Rashaun Releford2:05:00 PM

    whats up "shout dog" what's the business. I love the site, great detail, keep up the good work.

    love you
    your lil bro

  7. Da'Kari? Is it really you?? How did you sneak away from your drill seargent??

    Check back later on in a couple of hours...Next post is dedicated to you;)

    Thanks for stopping by, lil' boy!
    email me:

  8. That was classic except Jayne and the monkey could have cause more damage then Zan "form of ice cubes" or some other liqiud matter :) lol I miss those shows for real

  9. That's what I loved about being a child of the 80's! Oh man we had the best cartoons in the world! Even our week day cartoons were off the hook! Now a days I feel sorry for these kids because there's nothing for them to watch but infomercials. Maybe that's why the youth is in the state they're in now. Man I could name fifty Saturday morning cartoons I had to watch. Alvin and the Chipmunks for one! Oh this blog passage brought back some great memories, Ladylee. Wonder if I can get any of those old cartoons on DVD. Well, it's wishful thinking.

  10. Khalli 88...

    Welcome to my spot...

    I thought the whole "shape of something water-related" was a bit lame. I always wanted to be Jayna and turn into some dangerous animal!


    Yeah, these kids now don't know what they are missing!! My 17-year old brother watched Superfriends with me one time and thought it was sorry as hell (I wanted to smack him!!!)

    I use to LIVE for my Saturday morning cartoons... Some of them are available on DVD, but are hard to find. The Boomerang channel plays a lot of the old cartoons. Too bad I don't have it!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  11. Lady, I have the Boomerang channel and I stay on it! But I must confess. I used to love Scooby Doo but everyone's showed it so much over the years I've had enough of it. They stopped showing Superfriends on there too. Now they show that Batman from the 90's. Remember, the one with that big square jaw? I never liked Batman too much but hey, I'd rather watch these cartoons than some of the other junk that's on.

    I also love the shows before my time like Jabber Jaw and Yogi. By the way, you know Yogi and Boo Boo were having a homosexual affair right? Just wanted to make that clear. LOL, just kidding. But who knows what they did in that cave when they had the time. Those winters were long huh? LOL!

  12. Damn... That was my main reason for wanting the Boomerang Channel... The Superfriends... What is a girl to do?

    I've never been a Scooby-Doo fan... like you said, they show it too much. They ran that show deep into the ground!!


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