Wednesday, September 07, 2005

John Roberts nominated for CHIEF Supreme Court Justice...Hunh??

President Bush nominated John Roberts to succeed Chief Justice Rehnquist as the next Chief Supreme Court Justice.

Right now, I'm feeling like I'm walking down busy Peachtree Street and there is a big pink elephant sitting in the middle of the intersection. Everyone's just walking by, paying the sight no mind. But me, I see such a thing and I must ask the obvious questions... (Hey, I have to admit that it's a strange analogy).

But that's the closest I can come to describing how I'm feeling about this whole John Roberts nomination.

Is it just me? Does anyone find this just a tad bit odd?

Can President Bush really nominate him to the highest position on the highest court?

Isn't this like skipping from the first grade to the seventh grade?

You know what this is like? It's like a sixteen-year-old freckled face kid walking into McDonald's to apply for an entry level job... And he gets hired on the spot. However, he doesn't get the entry level job. They throw a three-piece suit on him and make him the regional manager.

Aren't the other justices who have been on the bench of the highest court of America for the last umpteen years just a tad bit upset about this? Isn't there some type of seniority system in place?

Does John Roberts have enough experience for the job?

Does anybody care if he has enough experience for the job?

Or am I just missing something here?

Hmm... I wonder...

And I'll continue to ponder.


  1. I know how you feel, Ladylee, but, believe it or not, most chief justices to the Supreme Court have been appointed from outside the court's ranks (strange, but true). Of course, those chiefs had quite a bit more experience than the current wet-behind-the-ears nominee.

    This is politics at its best, if you ask me. What many people don't know is that Roberts was a very instrumental behind-the-scenes player in Florida on Bush's behalf during the 2000 presidential election fiasco. Many secretly credit him with pulling the necessary strings to "deliver" the state to Bush and, thus, lead him to the throne of the presidency. So, now it's payback time, plain and simple.

    Makes you wanna holler, don't it?

  2. I'm with you with the questions LadyLee. I was aware of chief justices being nomiated almost equally from the outside as well as being promoted within. But, wow, I didn't know what Marcus just mentioned about his role in the 2000 election. But it figures and I'm not surprised.

  3. Marcus and Cherlyn,

    I wasn't aware of the nomination process of Chief Justices. So this is all "normal" hunh? Just bizarre, that's all. I thought the other justices would be twisting in their robes & ready to fight right about now.

    And that part about Roberts being involved in the 2000 presidential election process.. interesting...

    ...Hmm... I guess one hand washes the other after all, doesn't it??


  4. He didnt waste not nann second to scoot Roberts' punk ass in Reinhquist's still warm seat huh?

  5. I think he is trying to make the American public think that even in the midst of a crisis, he is doing business as usual.

    Funny thing though, I wonder if it wasn't for the disaster, would he have left the Golf Course to appoint a new Chief Justice?

  6. Thanks for stopping by my way...I see you roll with some good company over here...(Teej and Echo)
    To me the White House don't know what the freak they are doing and they are making it easy for my behind not to vote they stupid a**es back in!!

    Not that I helped his a** cheat the last couple of times:)

    I'll be checking for you!!:)

  7. Teej,
    That's what I thought, too. Renhquist just died, what, on Saturday or Sunday? What was the big rush?

    No, I don't think he would have postponed his vacation for that. He would've taken the extra two days for golf and then handled it after that.

    You're funny. But hey, start looking out for those JEB BUSH '08 bumper stickers real soon!

  8. Ladylee -

    Keep preachin' the truth, sweetie! I can't believe that people are still in denial about Jeb's 2008 presidential run . . . the writing is ALL over the wall.

    Regardless, though, even though it won't make us feel any better, at least we can look back on this time and say, "I told you so," right?

  9. Marcus,

    Yeah, people are laughing about my whole JEB BUSH '08 kick. But ya'll just watch... The spinning is gonna begin real soon.

    Marcus, like I said on your site, I still think you should run for president. Marcus Harris '08... That would look so divine on a bumper sticker.Don't be afraid of getting shot. Just get yourself a nice Robocop style bullet proof suit!! (LOL)


  10. everything going on with the Supreme Court is truly scary ..

  11. Cane,

    Scary AND confusing!


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