Friday, September 16, 2005

George Bush's 9/15/05 'Trina Speech - A Couple of Points of View from the Dirty Dirty South

I watched George Bush's speech last night.

He talked about the whole Katrina disaster and how his administration is going to do so many wonderful things to revive the Gulf Region, and the city of New Orleans, in particular.

I thought to myself, "Hmm... such an eloquent speech.

It's just so heartfelt. You know, I feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Gee whiz...everything's gonna be alright... Yes indeed!"

Then he went and mentioned, near the end of his speech, the New Orleans "Second Line" tradition.

Then I was like, "Oh, he has such wonderful speech writers!"

(I can't imagine him anywhere near a "second line"!! Does he, my beloved President, really even know what a "second line" is? Can you imagine him doing a little jig with an umbrella in his hand?? Oh my!!!)

Boy oh boy, my president sure knows how to read a mean teleprompter!!

My phone rang during the speech. I thought it was a telemarketer. I was all prepared to hang up rudely in his or her face. But it was my best friend Lady Tee. Now, she usually calls me late at night when an Awards show comes on, and she wants to make a funky comment about a singer or a presenter.

But last night, she called about the Bush speech. Now you must understand, Lady Tee doesn't give a damn about politics. The first thing she said?

"Lee, how the hell they gonna interrupt CSI?!!"

Then she said "You know what, Lee? This just goes to show that we are NOT ready for any serious attacks. We have no defenses! We can't even defend ourselves against an act of nature that we knew about in advance, so how the hell are we gonna defend ourselves against some terroristic bombs and mess?"

Bobbie Jean, Lady Tee's mama, screamed "It's a conspiracy!! They were trying to find a way to get all them folks out of there so they can go in and take over that real estate."

Lady Tee said "Them old folks be knowing, Lee!"

There's a rumor going around that Halliburton, Cheney's old company, will be involved in some of the renovations in the Gulf Coast Region. Hmm... I hope that's just a rumor. If it's true, why, that would be worse than this whole gas and oil fiasco, wouldn't it???)


My thoughts?

Let's just say if another terroristic or natural disaster happens...

I want to be somewhere hanging out and partying hard with Barbara and Jenna Bush, George Bush's twin daughters. I'm pretty sure they will be the first to be rescued out of any disastrous situation.

If those girls are part of a "second line", I want to be right there in the mix...

That way, I know I'll be saved from disaster...

You can bet your life on that...


  1. You know my opinion... the first time I could actually say I was proud of BUSH... is when he took the blame for being so slow to react. Whatever his reasons were at least he made the announcement. As far as his speech last night, whoever wrote it coached him well, that was the first time I saw compassion and heart felt sorrow on his face.

  2. Well Oldgirl,
    I'm just waiting for your first book to be published and reach the Best Seller's list, so that you on the FCGS (fulton county gov cable station)with James Taylor interviewing you and all of you co workers from the lab screaming your name PARKER PARKER PARKER !!
    I can't wait.

    Oldgirl QUE

  3. Another opinion from the Dirty SOUTH10:50:00 AM

    Like the song says "BUSH DON"T CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE"

  4. Mr. Envizable...

    I feel you on that, Envizable. I saw a little compassion there. But I just hope that he's being sincere. I hope he follows through on his promises, and this is not some old political spin to get JEB BUSH ready for office. The administration really needs to save face. And it's gonna take a really LONG time to get the nation's trust back.

    Oldgirl Que,

    I can tell you read the latest installment of my manuscript. (You've could've walked over to my desk and said that, girlie!)Stay tuned Monday for a post about that.

    Dirty South...

    I see you're still hung up on Kanye's quote... Let's just wait and see if our President follows through on his promises. I think he HAS to follow through now. Everyone's watching...

  5. It's funny you should mention the comment about getting the people out of there and snatching up the land. I talked about this with a few friends and thought this as soon as the evacuations started. I don't think that that was the original intent. But since a lot of people were poor, did not have insurance, lost everything, and may not have had means to return, I could see Money Bags coming in, snatching up real estate, making New Orleans bigger and better, and too expensive for the people to return even if they wanted to. Another Harlem.

  6. Cherlyn,

    You know, a lot of older people that I've talked to recently say that's exactly what's going to happen. Even here in Atlanta, many of the older housing projects were torn down and mixed housing was built. That's probably what's going to happen in N.O.. I don't see Desire, Magnolia, and Calliope projects being rebuilt. Those places were pretty old and decrepid when I lived down there. (Have you ever heard of projects being built in this day and age? I haven't.) I see quarter million dollar houses and a few smaller houses and condominiums going up in their place. And with Cheney's old Halliburton company beginning to snatch up contracts (do you remember any open bidding?... I don't) who knows what's gonna happen.

  7. You're right on the money about "Ol' Dubya" having great speechwriters. Have you noticed the incredible difference between how he presents himself during a live news conference as opposed to a well-rehearsed speech like this one?

    Also, you and Cherlyn better watch yourselves . . . you may get "taken care of" for knowing too much . . . OF COURSE Halliburton got the rebuilding contracts - they're starting to build a proud reputation of being johnny-on-the-spot to renovate disaster areas (no point of reference necessary).

  8. ...since you did mention Jed Bush... watch he will be our next nation watch dog (President) I honestly believe he'll be a better leader than his brother or... WORSE for some. But thats just my POV

  9. Gurl, dont get me started on Bush and his whole handling of the Trina would reopen some wounds. BTW I wanted to thank you for coming by my spot showing me some love....I see we hail from the same city...I live in Colly Park down near city hall...we must really KIT..I will be back soon to read more of your blog

  10. I think one of the lessons learned is that you cannot depend on the government. Maybe it was never intended for people to 100 percent rely on the government, and now we can see why. My trust is not in George Bush, that's for sure.

  11. Bush gives me GAS!
    Oh and not the kind I need to make it back and forth to work daily!

  12. Marcus,

    No one's going to come "take care of me"! Truth is truth, man!(LOL) Hey, I work for the beloved government, so they know where to find me! They better "take care of" direct depositing my paycheck! (LOL)


    Thanks for stopping through again!
    Yep, Jeb will be our next president. And it's strange that he is very quiet right now. We haven't heard a peep out of him. I don't know if he'll be a great president though... After all, Dynasty is Dynasty!!

    Sista K, my Collie Park neighbor...

    Dirty, Dirty south is in the house!
    Southsiiideee rules!!!
    Thanks for stopping by!


    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I TOTALLY agree with you. I work for government. Government is slow moving. You might be able to depend on government, but don't hold your breath. I know!!!

    Foxy Brown...

    Thanks for stopping by! I think he gives a lot of people GAS along with a little heartburn, a little indigestion, and a little diarrhea!

    Thanks to you all for stopping by!


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