Monday, March 13, 2006

The Mystery of Pickled Pig Parts

Dedicated to sherri, Ms.

Sherri, Ms., left an extremely nostalgic comment on my "Something Special" post...

"...I'd go so far as to eat one of those pig feet from the corner store to relive just one of those summer visits with my grand parents."

I shivered as if hit with a blast of cold air when I saw that comment...

She was talking about pickled pig feet. You know, you use to be able to buy them at the neighborhood bootleg corner store. They were always on the counter, near the cash register, in a big gallon glass jar, floating around in a pinkish liquid...


Do you know they still sell those... in the same big glass jars?

I have to admit... I haven't seen them in any of the bootleg corner stores I've ran into recently.

And I must say too that I haven't been looking for them, either. It has been a good 25 years since I had some pickled pig feet.

And apparently there is a difference between "pickled pig feet" and "pickled pig knuckles"...

(What the hell is the difference?)

Never mind... I don't EVEN want to know...

This particular company, Hannah's, sell the pickled pig feet for $21.00 a jar, while the pickled pig knuckles are sold for $27.00 a jar....

So obviously there's a difference...

Personally, I think I'd rather have a pig foot rather than a pig knuckle. Seems like there would be more meat on a pig foot rather than a pig knuckle, and--

(shoot, WHAT am I saying? That crap is nasty!)

And then I was chatting over email with Super Shoe Queen Blogger Serenity 23 and she made a statement to the affect of "Nothing beats pig lips and chips!"


I questioned S23 about this. She said they (pig lips) were hairy, which REALLY confused me. But she wouldn't answer my questions about whether there was such a thing as ACTUAL pig lips. I think I pissed her off because she screamed out at me over email...


Yeah, she was pissed.

So I wondered around work asking my fellow employees if they knew what pig lips were?

The common responses:


Did you say 'What are big lips'?
Is that some type of disease??

Sunshine, my bootleg manuscript editor, who is also from "the country", explained that pig lips were what they were: pig lips.

Damn, wouldn't you know that they also sell pickled pig lips.


I found a website,
The Chitterling Site (shut up, don't laugh), that had a great recipe for pickled pig feet.

Pickled Pigs' Feet


4 pigs' feet (split in half)
3 cups cider vinegar1 onion (sliced)
1 tsp crushed red pepper
3 whole cloves
1 bay leaf

Wash the pigs feet thoroughly. Place in a pot with coldwater along with the vinegar. Bring to a boil and skim off the foam. Add other ingredients and cook over mediumheat until thoroughly done (approximately 2 1/2 hours).Store in a container along with the liquid. If you havetoo much liquid, remove the cooked pigs feet and boil itdown a little. Refrigerate. Serve cold.

Yo Sherri, go head on and cook those up and let me know how it all worked out for ya!

And I hope you find a nice size glass jar to store those pickle pig feet in!!! I bet they would look just lovely on your kitchen counter!


  1. My dearest OG,

    When I said "I could get used to this recipe sharing thing" in response to the post in which you prepared salmon croquette for your co-workers, I had no idea where this would lead...PICKLED PIGS FEET?!?!!!...stop the world and push me off!

    I guess I'll heed the warning from now on..."Be careful for what you ask... ;)

    Suffice it to say, I won't be trying this recipe!

  2. @ That OG Sharon...

    Neither will I, OG, neither will I...

    I remember eating those, but I was a nappy headed little girl back then, hanging out at the grandparents house, eating whatever they ate...

    Sherri was the one skipping back down memory lane... I thought she would just loooove to cook those up in her own kitchen...

    Yo, but I DO need for you to come up with a good "pig lip" recipe, oldgirl!!! LOL;)

  3. I'm so mad at you right now.. That was the funniest post. And I have never in my life heard of a pigs knuckle....Do you have a bag of potatoe chips?

  4. Oh great googlie-mooglie! I didn't even get to finish the post because I had to get up and dance!!
    WWWEEWW!! You've made my night!
    Be back...

  5. OK.... I can't stop laughing.

    Thanks LadyLee!! I am sending your post to a few of my cousins in Texas. I know I saw a jar of pig feet at the corner store the last time I was in Beaumont. Or were they Pig Lips?

    Side Note: I never SAID that I knowingly ate any pig feet! ;-) Just that I would... given the right circumstances.

    I was always the grand child turning up her nose at something folks were cooking. "Ewww... we don't eat that in California....".

    I think my family used to get a kick out of giving this silly, city child a taste of something, then waiting until I smcking my lips, asking for more to tell me what 'Country delicacy' I was partaking in.

  6. @S23...

    Don't hate, Celie...

    You the one who started talking about "pig lips", then got a major 'tude when I was asking you questions about them! (Note: Don't you EVER yell at me over e-mail EVER again, you got that Shorty?)


    No potato chips (and no pig lips) for you, gurl!!:)


    You like that song, Chubby C? Then maybe you can tell me what he is mumbling in the beginning of the song... The only word I understood was the last word...


    Maybe you can help a sister out. That's been a mystery to me every since I was a child...~sigh~

  7. @ Ms. (Sherri)

    City girl talking about pickled pig feets in the jar on the counter... I just had to get at ya over that one!! you brought back hella memories with that one!

    Man oh man, I would have given ANYTHING to be there to watch your face squinch up when you would partake of any of those wonderful country delicacies!!! LOL LOL LOL;)

    (Go head and try that recipe; found that one just for you!!)

  8. This post is way to KOUNTRY for me :) hey luv how are you? pig parts damn I am skipping lunch unless it's pepperoni of course that I can do :)

  9. ewwwwwwwwwww.

    i didn't even realize pigs had lips until now.

    and i still don't want to eat 'em.

  10. @The Sneaker King, K88...

    Dude, KOUNTRY is not the word! People eat anything!!!

    And how have you been?

    I need to get over to your site more often;)

    @ATLien Nikki...

    Girl, i never knew pigs had lips... and I too ain't willing to try them... i am not that adventurous!

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. For real, that is some of the nastiest mess I have ever heard of in my life. Pig lips? Gross!

  13. He says:

    You know, I was wondering if you can djkadsjaksd, because the force, it has a lot of power and it makes me feel makes me feel like. WHHHEEWW!

    I'm dying over here!

  14. @DJ DIVA and Chele...

    stop playing girls... you know ya'll eat pig lips and pig feet...

    @Chubby Chocolate...

    Now THAT was the best laugh I've had all week... You should have seen me sitting here trying to decipher what you meant by
    "djkadsjaksd".... You. Are. Crazy.

    LOL!!!!!!!!! And we STILL don't know what he's mumbling about... And is he referring to STAR WARS when he talks about "the force"??

    We may NEVER know!!!

  15. LOL…LadyLee being that I’m straight outta New Orleans, I’m almost ashamed that I used to eat pig lips, especially based on the reaction to your post, hahaha. I still remember that shyt, going down to the corner stores buying them. Every time I used to go home for a visit I used to go to the grocery store there to buy me some to bring back to Florida. My friends thought I was crazy but they tried them to, hahaha. Ahhh yes, the good ole days in the N.O.L.A.

  16. @ Dr. Nic...

    Three words...


    Dang, this must be a Louisiana thing... First Serenity, now you, talking about pig lips...


    You know, when I lived down there in New Orleans, I never saw pig lips... Now, ya'll were real big on beef tongue sandwiches/po boys, which really freaked me out. I might have FAINTED if i saw a package of pig lips in the grocery store!!!!!

    Oh MY!!!!

  17. I am cracking up from this post. It was funny and disgusting at the same time. No thank you on any pork anything! Too funny.

  18. I am here in Iraq, AGAIN, I can't wait till my momma send me some pig lips. I got the hot cheetos already!!! A delicacy. I miss the days of Magazine & Chestnut Streets, off of St. Charles Ave. There's NO place like New Orleans, La!

  19. Anonymous3:30:00 AM

    i live in waxahachie,texas,i'm a hurricane katrina evacee,i would like to know how to get some pickle pig feet and lips,let me know how to get them.thanks

  20. Anonymous1:07:00 PM

    I just went to Louisiana to see my family, and I happened to pick up 2 jars of pig lips to bring home. Yummy!!

  21. Anonymous10:25:00 PM

    I'm from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and pig lips are very common here (BR) and in Louisiana. We usually buy ours from a grocery store like Wal-Mart. Usually they're eaten with a bag of chips like plain lays. #Yummy!

  22. I Love Pig Lips wit Hot Chips Nola Style Yummy

  23. Sabrina Thomas5:12:00 PM

    Hello I wanted to know if y’all sale pig snouts with out picking them I would like to buy some from yall


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