Thursday, September 03, 2009

Tributes to Nikki

(Yes, leave it up to King 2nd 68 to post the bathroom picture. Nikki and I were part of his glorious "blog harem"... and it is fitting that he'd put this one up. I must admit, I like it...)

I'm posting up pieces of various tributes, but honestly, there are waaaay too many out there to post. I am leaning toward posting the ones of a few people who she and I talked of when we last spoke.

But there are tributes spread all over the blog world...

I am looking around, reading them all. I am so glad that she had an impact on us all. I am listing some here, and as I find them, I will add more.

Rest in Peace 2 One of the most PASSIONATE bloggers EVER: Nikki Harris by CapCity

R.I.P Nikki Indigo by 2nd 68

A Trail of Indigo by 12Kyle

Our Indigo Light ~ RIP Nikki Harris by CurvyGirl

RIP NIKKI>>>>> by Dreamy

Gone Too Soon... Nikki Harris by Lovebabz

RIP Nikki Harris of Indigo Trail of My Thoughts by The Happy Go Lucky Bachelor

She is now an Angel by That Southern Black Gal

R.I.P. Nikki Harris 1970-2009 by Keith

Sunrises and Sunsets by Aquababie

Road Trippin', Ego Trippin', Life's a Trip by Aunt Jackie

And Then There Were 4 by Bloopty

More to come...


  1. First off, what do you mean WERE? Da hell? I do recall mentioning to you both that you are stuck! Hmph! WERE!

    Yeah, I almost didn't wanna do it because it was a baffroom pic. But look at the deviltry that is hiding behind that grin! You just knew some dude was gonna be in trouble that night!

    And yes, she did have an IMPACT!

  2. I am still speechless about Nikki being gone so soon...did she have lupus? I would love to know more details if you can, I read a lot of her posts in the past...she was a great blogger

  3. @King 2nd 68... uh, the "Blog Harem" is pure madness. But I was (am) glad to be included in your list of all time favorite female bloggers. Really glad.

    @Lyrically Speaking... No, not that... It was something a bit rarer, but a definite overlap with that. I myself have lupus, and I can't tell the difference between what she had and what I had... a slight difference in symptoms, but very similar. I'll email you...


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