Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: "Transitions"

...Looks like it works.


  1. I've had them for a few months. I've had them since May, I suppose... I took those pics when I was laid out on a lounge chair at the beach, doing some reading back in June. My doctor made me get them to protect my eyes. (I'd be her favorite patient if I would just put on some freakin' sunscreen...)

    It just freaks me out how they change in the sun. I'm usually wondering why it's so dark outside before I realize that they are darkening up in response to the sunlight... Technology is something else.

  2. Transitions are cool, from regular glasses to shades.

  3. Alyssa wants some of these so badly, but that child breaks glasses every other month, so I'm not buying them. They are cool though!

  4. One of my pair of glasses have had transitions lenses for a while. Living in So. Cal. you got to have shades. But they never seem to get dark enough so I still end up with sunglasses on.

    But I will admit, transitions are pretty cool.


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