Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vacation Part II: "Mexican Chickens"

There's one thing that I found to be very odd at the resort:

Iguanas walking to and fro.

They were as common as squirrels running through my front yard, if you can imagine such a thang.

Here's a picture of a couple hanging out on some rocks.

"It'sa Mexican Chickens," a resort employee hollered. He laughed really hard at his own joke.

I didn't find it funny at all.

There were lizards there too. There was even one in our room. This didn't surprise me, with the iguanas and the INSANE amount of woods around there. Lizards were commn in New Orleans when I lived there, and my cats would bring a dead one to me every once in awhile as a nice gift or something. Kimmie Kim lost her mind, but called the front desk and someone came in and killed it.

Thank goodness an iguana wasn't in our room.

I do believe I would've swam allll the way back to the USA, lol...


  1. Anonymous10:41:00 AM

    I would have fainted!

    Only God's creatures I can do are humans. And sometimes I don't like dealing with them!

  2. I'm with that Southern gal, I would have fainted straight away.

  3. I don't like lizards, iguanas, geco (expect the geico one) or anything else reptile related...they just look gross.

    But, you still had fun, so that's awesome!

  4. Anonymous12:58:00 AM

    I get crazy when it comes to bugs, so I cannot imagine coming into a hotel room and finding a lizard. Without a doubt, I would be panic-stricken!

  5. Woulda made a new exit outta the room ala Tom and Jerry. LOL!!!


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