Friday, October 02, 2009

Vacation Part III: A Room with a View

We had a really nice room, with a nice balcony.

I didn't spend much time out there, as the mosquitos were out doing the salsa something terrible. I didn't get bit up, but they feasted upon Kimmie-Kim something terrible. I had 2 mosquito bites, one on my temple, and another on my butt (not sure how that happened). That was enough for this Oldgirl to keep her tail inside as much as possible, lol...

But I would go out in the early mornings for a little quiet time.

Here's the view from our room.

Uh, no... it ain't an ocean view. The rooms with ocean views were TOO far from all the action. We needed to be close to food and activities, lol.

I do like this view, though.

My Mama always said when there are reddish overtones like that, well, it meant it would be a beautiful day. That's probably and old wives tale, but I think of that every time.

Not much to see here, but it do look like we are sitting off in the middle of the jungle. Yes, this place was VERY remote. There was no sneaking in or out, that's for sure.
I did not catch a sunrise. That would've meant walking down to the beach, past the jungle. Uh no, not by myself, man.

Very "jungly" indeed.

Here's a clearer picture in the daytime.

That path is interesting. It leads straight to the pool area.
To be continued...

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